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"hey how you doing?" A woman walked up giving Te'lani a sad look

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"hey how you doing?" A woman walked up giving Te'lani a sad look.

"i'm fine why do you ask?" She looked at her confused.

"oh you didn't hear?" The lady frowned shaking her head.

"about what? what's going on?" Te'lani asked putting Tru pacifier in his mouth.

"about 3 hours ago your mother was in a car crash" The lady said.

Te'lani heart dropped hearing that.

"are you sure it was her?" She said as tears built up in her eyes.

"i'm sure baby, it was all over the news"

"thank you so much i have to go" Te'lani rushed out the store.

she quickly strapped Tru into the car and hopped in quickly.

"please be ok" She said as tears fell down her face.

she didn't know what she would do if she lost her mother.

they were always each other's rock.

when Te'lani father left, they had always been there to protect each other.

Te'lani felt as if she failed her mother.

she just prayed she was alive.

but her real question was, why didn't anybody call her?

"hi yes i'm here for Brittany Ford" Te'lani said quickly holding Tru.

"and you are?"

"her daughter what room is she in?!" Te'lani raised her voice causing Tru to jump.

"i'm sorry baby" She rubbed his back.

"she's in room 308"

Te'lani nodded and got on the elevator clicking the 3rd floor.

she found the room and saw her mother in bed with her head wrapped and bruises on her face.

she had wires sticking all out of her.

"why didn't you tell me she was in here?!" Te'lani looked at her auntie.

her auntie didn't say anything she just sat there staring at the wall.

her eyes were puffy and red and she looked drained.

"auntie" Te'lani shook her.

"hmm?" She answered softly.

"why didn't you tell me? I had to find out from someone else" she frowned.

"I haven't told anyone, haven't been able to move at all if she dies I have no idea what i'll do. it's always been us two if she dies i'll lose the other half of me" her auntie said as tears fell down her eyes.

Brittany had a close bond with her sister, a bond everybody around them envied.

"i'm scared to lose her too, i'm so scared she's all I have besides Tru" Te'lani cried looking down at Tru who was sleeping.

"hmm i'll take him you sit here and talk to her" Breanne stood up grabbing Tru.

Te'lani sat down in the chair and grabbed her mothers hand.

"i'm scared, I can't lose you! for the longest it's been us this was so unexpected just try to push through. You're one of the most important people in my life losing you would send me into a place I haven't been in since daddy left" Te'lani said wiping her eyes.

she needed her mother, her mother meant everything to her.

Te'lani couldn't lose two parents.

"I love you mama" Te'lani stood up and kissed her mothers cheek.

"did you say everything you needed to say?" Breanne asked.

"not really i'll be back though, I wanna drop Tru off with Tobias" Te'lani said.

"ok be safe I love you" Breanne kissed her nieces cheek.

"i need you to take Tru for a few hours" Te'lani said walking into Tobias house.

"ight what's wrong?" He asked looking at her face.

"nothing just make sure he ok thank you" Te'lani left out.

Te'lani got in the car and just broke down.

"mama stop" A 13 year old Te'lani laughed running around the kitchen.

"no come here I got something to tell you" Brittany laughed.

"mama I know what's behind your back" Te'lani stale faced her.

"what's behind my back then?" Brittany giggled.

"ummm..." Te'lani dragged trying to make something up.

"exactly come here so I can show you" Brittany waved her daughter over.

Te'lani walked over to her and sat down next to her.


"look" Brittany pulled the sleeping puppy from behind her back.

Te'lani face lit up grabbing the puppy.

"I love it so much thank you mommy" Te'lani hugged her mother .

Brittany smiled they were both taking her husband leaving badly.

she needed her daughter to experience joy again.

"you welcome baby, I love you" Brittany kissed her forehead.

Te'lani smiled at the memory and wiped her eyes.

"let's get back to the hospital" She mumbled pulling off.

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