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3 weeks later:

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3 weeks later:

"hi i'm here to see Brittany Ford"

they told Te'lani that she was getting better and close to waking up.

"sign in and head back"

Te'lani signed and got on the elevator.

she walked to her mothers room and saw it was empty.

the sheets where changed and the room was clean.

no trace of her mother.

"umm excuse me where's the patient that was in this room?" Te'lani asked the nurse.

"are you her daughter?" The nurse asked.

Te'lani nodded and the nurse pulled her down the hall.

"she died last night i'm so sorry we told our newest nurse to contact the family but she didn't and i'm sorry for that" The nurse sent her a sorrowful look.

"ok..." Te'lani said lowly walking towards the bathroom.

she closed the door and just broke down.

"I can't do this" Te'lani mumbled breathing heavy.

her phone began ringing and she saw it her auntie .

"hello" she answered sniffling.

"Te ? what's wrong ?" Breanne asked.

"she's gone" Te'lani said walking out the bathroom.

"wha- here I come" breanne hung up quickly.

Te'lani wasn't even gonna be there by the time she got there she couldn't stay.

"what's the matter?" Cece asked rubbing her cousins back.

she told Cece all about the car crash and they both were told she was getting better.

"she died last night and I wasn't there I feel like i failed as a daughter... she didn't have anybody by her side when she died" Te'lani cried harder.

she was glad Tru was with Tobias.

"you're not a bad daughter at all, you didn't know nobody told you, don't blame yourself" Cece hugged her.

"just wish there was more I could do she was doing good and just randomly died? I don't trust it" Te'lani wiped her eyes.

"don't think to much about it right now , take a nap i'm about to check on my mama" Cece stood up.

she was keeping herself together for her cousin and mother.

deep down she was ready to break down too.

but she knew they needed somebody right now.

Te'lani phone vibrated and she saw it was from Tobias.

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