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"i think tyler just asked me on a date." josh blushed showing zack the text he just got.

t: would you like to go on a little date?

"i'm not an expert but i think it sounds like he did ask you on a date." zack laughed.

"ohhhh see i didn't know if it was clear or not." josh rolled his eyes.

"yeah i could see the confusion." zack joked. "where to?"

"i dunno. i asked." josh said. trying to hide his smile.

"you lil dog you're so blushing hard." zack nudged him, josh whining.

"you're just jealous." josh said.

"jealous you're going on a date with my brother?" zack laughed.

"oh yeah i bet he's never taken you on one." josh said, his phone dinging.

t: it's a surprise! how about 7:00?

"he said it's a surprise and we're gonna go at 7." josh said. "i hate surprises."

"it's 6:00 now. do i need to leave you alone to prepare yourself?" zack said. "i'm about to have to leave anyways."

"noooo i'm just gonna freak myself outttt." josh whined.

"you have literally seen this man's penis how are you gonna be nervous." zack joked, getting his stuff together.

"it's different okay." josh rolled his eyes, getting up to change.

"whatever, let me know immediately after how it goes." zack said.

"you want details?" josh smirked.

"maybe not too many details." zack laughed, saying bye before he headed out.

josh packed a little bag incase he needed some clothes, before brushing his teeth and playing on his phone until around 7:00.

t: here :)

josh smiled, grabbing his stuff and heading downstairs.

"i'm gonna go to the movies with my friend brendon, i'll be back sometime late." josh said to his parents, before heading outside and seeing tyler's truck. he climbed in, leaning over and pressing a kiss to tyler's lips.

"how are you today?" tyler smiled, reaching over and grabbing his hand.

"pretty good, so where are we going?" josh asked.

"you'll see." tyler said, josh whining.

"pleaseeee tell me." josh huffed.

"nope." tyler said.

josh whined the whole drive, until they pulled up in a middle of nowhere field. josh gasped once he saw what tyler had done.

the field had flowers all in it, and in the middle of it was a large picnic blanket. there led lights around it and some food from joshs favorite restaurant, as well as a bouquet of flowers.

"tyler! this is beautiful." josh said, almost bringing tears to his eyes.

"you like it?" tyler said.

"i love it." josh smiled, walking out and taking a picture of the setup.

"it's so beautiful out here." josh said, once they sat down and got their food out.

"i know, i love this place." tyler said. "i took keelie here once and the whole entire time she complained about the sounds of the bugs."

"how could you not like that sound." josh said, taking a bite of his food.

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