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today was the next day, and man did tyler have the worst hangover.

"holy fuck." they heard tyler groan from the bathroom.

the door was open, and tyler had been leaned over the toilet for about an hour.

"ty it's only day one." josh chuckled, rubbing his back.

"this is a shitty day one." he said, crossing his arms and laying his head down.

"you did drink like two bottles of tequila." brendon laughed, going in the bathroom to brush his teeth.

"yeah bitch that was your fault." tyler said, brendon laughing and showing him a video.

it was tyler walking down the beach, obviously drunk out of his mind, and he's singing the OSU fight song at the top of his lungs.

"i got buckeye pride what can i say." tyler laughed.

"coach wouldn't be very happy with you there." brendon laughed. "ima send it to him."

"fuck youuu." tyler flipped him off.

"cmon babe you need to eat somethin." josh said, pushing tyler's hair back.

"moms gonna kill you." zack laughed from the bedroom.

"she can suck it up." tyler sassed, groaning before slowly standing up. "you got your dab pen bren?"

"yeah lemme get it." he nodded, going to get it and handing it to tyler.

"here's my cure." tyler nodded, taking a few hits. brendon also took some before putting it back and the boys heading to the kitchen.

"well goodmorning boys, have fun last night?" kelly asked. "what'd y'all do?"

"yeah we just walked the beach and sat on our towels with music and stuff." zack nodded.

"yeah i'm sure." chris leaned and whispered to the boys, tyler chuckling and taking two ibuprofens.

"well that sounds fun, i made some eggs and bacon and stuff. just a casual breakfast today." she said, the boys saying thank you.

"zack guess what!" little jay yelled from the table.

"what's up buddy?" zack asked.

"we get to go to the beach today!" he said excitedly.

"you're right!" zack replied.

"are you gonna swim in the ocean?" josh asked, ruffling his hair.

"yep! and i'm gonna build a sand castle." jay smiled.

"well that's just awesome." josh said.

"i'm gonna bury you in the sand jay." tyler said, sitting at the table with his plate.

"nuh uh! i'm gonna bury you." jay snapped back.

"we'll see about that." tyler chuckled.

everyone sat and ate before getting all of their beach bags packed for the day, with snacks and towels and all the necessities.

"how you feeling ty?" zack asked.

"i don't feel like i'm gonna throw up every tiny bit i move so i'm doing pretty good." tyler nodded, hitting his alto.

they all changed into their swimsuits. tyler had a bright pink pair, josh in a black pair, brendon in a of course rainbow pair, and zack in a black and white pair.

"you look pretty." tyler said, hugging josh from behind.

"you do." josh smiled back, turning around and connecting their lips. "i'm glad you feel better."

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