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"bruh moms making roast." zack sighed, walking back into tyler's room after getting a drink from downstairs.

currently, zack, tyler and josh were in tyler's room and tyler was playing video games.

"are you kidding me. only people over the age of 40 like roast." tyler groaned, unpausing his game.

"my mom makes roast like once a week it's getting out of hand." josh said.

"let's start a petition." tyler said.

"definitely. 3 signs and we get roast banned in this house." zack said, josh laughing.

"we can go to sonic after and at least get some ice cream to say the day." tyler said, josh gasping.

"yes please." he said. tyler chuckled. josh was sitting against the headboard, and tyler was sitting inbetween his legs, leaned back on him.

"i might go out with some of the basketball guys tonight. they wanna have like a team dinner." zack groaned.

"do you not wanna go?" josh asked.

"i'd rather not but i need to so." zack said.

"i always dreaded going to those but then i loved them once i got there." tyler said.

"yeah i haven't seen the guys in a while." zack said.

"keelie hated when i'd go. she would literally get her friends to go eat at the same place so she could 'watch me'." tyler rolled his eyes.

"what a bitch. has she texted you since that one night?" josh asked.

"she did once asking if we could talk so i blocked her." tyler said, the boys laughing.

"good move." zack snorted.

"yeah. i wasn't about to deal with that shit. plus i'm in love with someone else." tyler smiled, looking up at josh who kissed his forehead.

"i'm gonna cry." zack fanned his eyes.

"maybe you can fall in love with brendon." tyler said.

"bro if i was gay brendon would be the first id go for." zack said, the boys laughing.

"he's a pretty sexy mother fucker i won't lie." tyler agreed.

"i like how ty's sexuality is girls and josh." zack said.

"we need that option on applications." tyler said.

"legit." josh agreed. "guys look." he said, holding up his phone for a picture.

zack leaned in and flipped off the camera, tyler looking and smiling big against joshs face. josh giggled, captioning the picture "guess which joseph brother i'm dating"

"that's hilarious you should post that." tyler laughed.

"really?" josh asked.

"yeah. i mean gotta get it out there somehow." tyler smiled, turning back to his game. josh blushed, posting it to his story.

"alright i'm gonna head out. we're going to chilis. fuck y'all and your roast." zack laughed, tyler flipping him off as he left.

"fine he won't get sonic ice cream." tyler said.

"i think he still has the better end of the stick." josh said.

"yeah yeah whatever." tyler rolled his eyes. he turned and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before scooting next to him and wrapping his arm around him.

"i already got one person sliding up." josh said, setting his leg across tyler's.

"oh really? who?" tyler turned off his game and looked. "oh i don't know him."

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