Chapter two

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Demoni's POV

I groaned once I heard my phone ringing,waking me out of my sleep, I answered without looking at the caller ID

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I groaned once I heard my phone ringing,waking me out of my sleep, I answered without looking at the caller ID

"Oh my fucking gosh what?!" I groaned

"Lil boy who the fuck is you talking to?" Asked David,I could hear the anger in his voice

"Oh shit,I'm sorry daddy,I just woke up and I didn't look at the caller ID" I said and he chuckled

"Let it be the first and the last,anyways I'm coming ova' in a lil bit,what you wanna eat lil daddy?" He asked me sweetly

"Uh,I don't of the things I always order with you,ion care what it is just get here and hold me" I said softly making him chuckle

"Aite baby,amma be there in 10,I love yo lil ass" he said and I could hear the smile he was wearing (uk like when somebody smiling hard,you'll know without looking at em?...yeaaa)

"I love you more papi" I said softly

"Aite baby,lemme go order yo food" he said and I mumbled a small ok before hanging up,plugging my phone in

I heard knocking at the door making me get up,I only had panties and his shirt that he had left here which had fit me like a dress and I'm comfortable around my parents and siblings so I had no problem in going downstairs like that

"Mama,papai, Dave here" I called out before opening the door to see him smiling and a huge girl bag in one hand, and then the food bag in the other

"Hi baby" I said kissing him before inviting him in

"Lil boy where yo clothes at?" She asked before walking to the kitchen to rest the bag down

"On my body,dafuq" I mugged him

"Boy you real lucky,anyways where yo mama them at?"
"In they room,why?" I asked him going into the bags

"I wanna talk to them" he said after kissing my lips

I look at him and then walked upstairs to get them

They went down to him and then he looked at me,knowing I'll have to go to my room I got to stepping

About 20 minutes later he walked into my room
"I got approval" he smiled a toothy smile

"To what?" I raised my eyebrow

"I get to be with you with no problems now,they ok with us pa

Now I can get to kiss on you with them around

And I get to fuck on you" he said grabbing my pussy in his hands

"Boy,that don't mean you finna fuck me when they in the other room" I chuckled kissing him,rubbing his beard

"I know baby,plus,you can't handle this dick yet,so.." he shrugged

"Nigga I'm sure I can,tuh" I rolled my eyes

He grabbed my face while biting his lip
"You sure bout that?" he asked standing up

"Mhm" I nodded,he pulled his dick out and my eyes widened, "that's not going in me" I said looking at the monster in front of me

"I know,not rn atleast
You still young,ian wanna take advantage of you so amma wait until you get a bit older" he told me pulling his pants up back
Laying on me

"I love yo lil ass bruh,swear amma marry you in the future

If you hadn't messaged me by accident I woulda never met you,I'm glad you did" he said rubbing my cheek

"I love you more daddy" I said pulling him into a kiss

"Oh yea I gotta show you sumn,uk how I tattooed yo name on my neck already?

I uh,kinda tattooed your favorite line that you always say and I tattooed your birthdate on my finger" he said showing me them with a smile

I pouted and kissed him once more

"You obsessed at this point cause ain't no way boi" I said smiling

"There yo slang go "ain't no way boi'.....stay yo ass off TikTok and YouTube" he chuckled

"Never" I rolled my eyes playfully,smiling down at him

"Yea yea,what you tryna do with me tomorrow or you got school?" He asked as I felt his hand sneak down to my core

"I gotta go to school but only for two periods" I said with a moan as he started rubbing me through my thong

"What is you doing Nigga,oh my-" I cut myself off with another moan

"You so sexy baby,pretty ass"  he kissed my neck,pulling my thong to the side,sticking his finger into me

"Daddy,oh my gosh,wait" I said holding his wrist
He stopped his movement and looked at me
"You ok baby,you want me to stop?" I asked slowly pulling his finger out

"N-No baby,I just had to adjust to that thick ass finger,you can't move em" I said kissing his nose

He pushed his finger back into me and I let out a shaky moan,I started to grind on his finger to get more pleasure

He chuckled and looked up at me "look at my needy ass baby,push up on them fingers baby" he said after adding a second digit

"Oh fuck— why are you fingering me like this...ughh" i moaned,my breathing slowing down

"I just wanna please my lil slut,cum fa' me,I know you wanna" he said softly,going down to kiss my clit and then came up back

"Oh shittt, I love youuu" I moaned,letting loose on his fingers

"I love you more mama,amma let you know this now

You ask me to cum whenever you want to,anything you need,just come to me and you'll get it

I love spoiling you baby" he said before pushing his fingers into his mouth,groaning after

"You taste so good,c'mon,taste yo self " he said kissing me slowly
Slipping his tongue into my mouth

I moaned at the taste and then pulled away," I taste good" I said softly

Thank god for soundproof walls

"What you brought in that big ass gift bag tho?" I asked sitting up

"Clothes,shoes,bracelets,earrings,another piercing for yo nipples cause you been wanting to change em and car keys" he said

"CAR WHAT?!" I jumped up

"Yea look outside" I looked out to see a brand new car

"I know your birthday next month but it's an early gift pa,I love you" he said coming behind me,putting his arms around my waist and his head in my neck

"I love you more,but you gotta stop spending money like that on me" I frowned

"That reminds me" he pulled away walking to the gift bag pulling out two stacks

"Two hundred thousand,go get yo hair and nails done baby" I said softly

I looked at him,what am I going to do with this now?

Hi babes,just to clear things up,Dave isn't groaning Demoni,they BOTH want this relationship,the reason why he had a 20 minute talk with Moni's parents

No David is not going to cheat because he won't get pussy from Moni,cheating is not in his book
He would kill ova' his

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