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"I just warned him sweetheart~"


"What the hell are you doing?!" you yelled pulling him to the side and he smirked.
"What?? I'm just joking around.."
"This is serious!! What the hell did you do!?"



A glass plate flew between both your heads and hit the wall.
It barely missed as it grazed your cheek.

"Honey stop this! What's wrong?" Your mother quickly ran over to him and he calmed down.
"That thing isn't human!"
"What do you mean honey?"

You gave Vice a look as he tried to hold your hand. You scoffed at him and crossed your arms.
A smile formed on his face at your stubborness and he kissed your cheek without warning.

"W-What? Stop!"
"You're so flustered~"

"Honey listen to me! He threatened to rip out my intestines.. he said things about me that only you and I should know.." your father confined as he shook.
You were trying to eavesdrop on your parents conversation but Vice kept distracting and pulling you away.
"Stop Vice!" you snapped and your parents froze.

"Vice?" they repeated almost frozen in fear.
"What's wrong? It's just my nickname.."

The spirits mood dropped, and a clear expression of spite was on his face as he looked at your parents.

What's going on? Did I miss something..?

"What's going on with you guys?" you asked your parents and they laughed awkwardly.
"We had a friend in school we use to call Vice.. what a coincidence! He's so sweet just like him" Your mother smiled and you looked over at Vice who's head was down.
"Yeah it must be a cruel coincidence! That guy was a pain in the ass with that nice attitude all the damn time. Talk about no personality" your fathers remark made Vice jerk and you rubbed his arm.
"He was sweet.." your mother smiled to herself and you heard a laugh escape his lips.

His cold hand interlocked with yours.
You felt his thumb rub your finger as he squeezed it tighter.

"Then why'd you do what you did?"

The room went silent and you felt like the oddball as you stood confused.
Your father stepped in as your mother frowned softly.

"I don't know what you're talking about Vincent.. and it's getting late. You two should get to bed.."
"Wait but what's going on? What's this tension?" You say stepping up finally.

Your father glared at you.

He was holding your mother. She seemed to be distressed and for some strange reason it was your fault?

"Come on.." Vice told you as he dragged you  towards the hall.

When you went in your room, Vice locked the door and you rose an eyebrow.
He went over to the still broke window and peered out at the darkness.

You glanced at the pillow, remembering you saw something before and lifted it up.

"Looking for something?"


"Hey!!" you yelled as Vice slammed you against the bed frame. He pinned you to the bed and you struggled as held you in place. "What the hell Vice?! You're seriously starting to piss me off!" You spat as he giggled.

You tried to get up but he just wouldn't move.
You stared up at Caides smug expression and you rolled your eyes at how humorous it was.

"What happened to the knife under the pillow?"
"It's in my pocket.." he admitted and you jerked your arms up.
"What? Are you going to kill me?" you gritted your teeth and he just gave you a sweet smile.
"Now I might just have too.. seeing as though your parents were involved in my murder.."

Your heart dropped but somehow you suspected it from the way they were acting.
You also noticed Vices and your mothers behavior and how similar it was.

Both of them always wear smiles.. and lie so much about how they feel.

"She's the girl you had a crush on.."
"Good job sweetheart~ I was really in love with her.."

You felt something sharp on your side and you kicked your leg.
His knees dug into your thighs as he pinned those down as well.

"This is starting to give me a headache.. it's starting to really make me upset too.." Vice let out aggressively as he wore his passive smile.
"I didn't do anything!!" you yelled and he tightened his grip around your wrists.

Oh no.. his hands are so cold.

You glanced at the faded bracelet and cursed to yourself.

I just need to make it to school tomorrow.. Lance knows how to bring Caide back..

"I bet your father was the new kid that tormented me.. wouldn't that be funny? How could an asshole like him had made something as perfect as you. How could she be with him.." he choked up as his head fell.

"Hey.. hey Vice let go.."

He dropped your hands as he covered his face.
The knife was still in his hand as he began to sob and you quickly held him to your chest.

"I.. I didn't want to hurt anyone I swear.. I'm sorry for taking the shaman but.." hot tears ran from his eyes and his body began to warm as you held him.
"Hey.. It's okay. I'm not upset with you Vice. You don't need to explain yourself again, I understand" you assured him as you stroked his cut hair.
"I just want to know what happened.. I don't want to be nice anymore, why can't I just fully die?? Why god am I still here? To be tormented for being kind?"

His grip tightened on your shirt as he let out deep cries.

You knew it was Vice, but it just seemed like Caide crying to you.

You picked up the knife and threw it on the ground. You turned over and you both faced each other as you held him.

"Let's go to sleep.. okay?"
He looked up with an embarrassed smile. "I can't believe I'm crying.. this is embarrassing. And in front of such a hot chick.. kill me"

You laughed and he quickly took your chin and kissed you.


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