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TMAHLQ BOOK II is very very close to release and I thought to upload 2/3 chapters to help you regain some bonding which you might have lost. The background is that this is the mafia ball, Sophia and Ashton aren't THAT HIGHLY CLOSE in the relationship but still are. They recently got into a relationship with each other, so yes.

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We reached there when I got out, pulling the door open and holding out my hand for Sophia to hold. She looked like a ravishing, gorgeous queen when she walked alongside me in her dark black dress resembling my black one on the red carpet for the entrance. I squeezed her hand when she squeezed it back and I looked at her to see my chest rise in utter proudness.

She had no fear written on her face, no anticipation or worry lines giving any emotion away. Nothing. She was masking it too well and I was glad that my training was not done in vain. I knew she was freaking from the inside but I made sure to train her in a way that I had never trained anyone, to teach her to never let her emotions come on bay and show openly for the world to prey on, to attack on and to fucking rip the person apart on. And my queen was doing just as I had said. With ultimate perfection.

I did love her.

We slowly entered the double doors to a huge, romantically lit ball room with high fashioned chairs, tables, sofas, mini pubs and huge chandeliers which took more than half of the beauty of the room. I pulled Sophia closer to me, intertwining my hand with hers, holding it a bit strongly than I intended to. I tried to convey my message through my hand's grip to her that nothing is going to separate us, nothing will keep us apart and I'll go through hell and back before I even let a poisonous feather touch her.

I couldn't afford that at all.

We had just entered when I stopped dead in my tracks for the man who stood in front of me with his hands inside his pockets and with the most disgusting smirk on his face that humankind could ever witness.

My blood boiled at the sight of him, I couldn't keep my rushing, angry blood in mere controllable parameters inside my body and I just felt like killing him with my own bare hands there and then, watching the blood drain out of his body, watching the sinful life that he lead out of his eyes and to finally see him laying at my mercy, in front of my feet, to feel the calmness of seeing him so fucking weak............the same type of weak which mother was that day. And so was I. I wanted to see this man go feeble just. Like. Fucking. That.

How dare did he even stand in front of me after all of the shit he had done? How did he even have the decency, let alone the courage. I knew he had courage the day he killed my mother and I also knew that he lacked decency the very same day but he sure as hell should have been somewhat better after all those fifteen years. How dare he- I felt Sophia lay a hand on my arm but I couldn't feel it anymore.

My blood boiled like concentrated acid which burned irreversible holes within the skin of a human irrespective of how fucking disgusting or ugly that person was, tearing apart muscles till a person could see the other end of the room from within the painful holes in their hands. Pure loath, pure hatred and pure venom of fucking anger mixed with the poisonous drops of hatred rushed within my veins for the man standing right in front of me when he smirked and said the one word I hated the most, loathed the most, made me mad the most, especially when it came out from his dirty, sinful and disgusting mouth.

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