Under the Weather (Triple S x Reader)

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@ShiftingStar is feeling...under the weather...so I wrote her a sick fic. Get better, sista!

And to those with requests, I promise I'm working on them, but my sister needed something short and sweet.

She heard the door open then slam shut, plastic bags rustling and cheerful male voices greeting her ears. 

"Hey, (Y/n)! You here?" Sonic. She couldn't find the energy to respond. She gripped the edges of the toilet seat, her stomach twisting painfully and sending the bile rising to her throat. 

"She's in the bathroom." The voice was quiet and timid and somewhat embarrassed - Silver. 

"We should leave her alone then." Pointed and gruff. Shadow. Had she not been in such pain, she may have smiled at the fact that Silver and Sonic had managed to drag the dark hedgehog to movie night again. The movie night she would have cancelled had she not dropped her phone in the rush to get to the bathroom to hack up her guts. 

Just the thought of vomiting seemed to prompt her stomach to lurch and she pushed herself all the way over the toilet bowl, coughing up the remainder of her lunch. 

"Gees! (Y/n)?" The door to the bathroom swung open and Sonic was gathering her hair out of her face, calling for Silver or Shadow to get some water. 

"Sorry," the (a/t) mumbled as she grabbed a tissue to wipe her lips. "I would have cancelled, but it came on kind of suddenly." 

"Hey, hey! It's no problem! I would have come either way, and I'm sure the others would have, too." 

"H-here," Silver said, a glass of water drifting into the bathroom. "S-sorry...I think I might be...emetophobic." 

"Oh, don't be dramatic," Sonic said, snatching the glass out of the air and easing it to (Y/n)'s lips. "You feel a little better now that it's out?" 

"Only a little. I think I'm gonna sit here for a little bit longer." She turned to lean against the bathtub, resting on tentative hand on her stomach and closing her eyes. She heard the toilet flush and heavier footsteps before a hand was nudging at her lips. 

"Open up," Shadow said. She cracked one eye open before parting her lips. He dropped two pills on her tongue and pressed the glass of water to her lips again. She swallowed the pills with a mumbled thank you, to which the dark hedgehog responded with a grunt before settling with crossed legs next to Sonic. Silver nudged his way into the bathroom, getting tentatively on his knees behind the other two hedgehogs, ready to bolt at any minute. 

"So," Sonic said, placing his hand on (Y/n)'s knee. "What movie do you want to watch?" 


Silver volunteered to get the living room set up with the movie, a pile of blankets for (Y/n), water and saltine crackers, and a barf bowl, as Sonic called it, so that the (a/t) wouldn't have to move if she didn't want to. 

She threw up three more times, Shadow and Sonic falling into the routine of holding her hair back and getting her to swallow some water after each round. When they sat in the bathroom for fifteen minutes and she gave no indication of vomiting again, Shadow scooped her into his arms and carried her out to the living room where Silver was fiddling with the remote. 

"I gotcha covered," Sonic said, grabbing the remote from the ivory hedgehog and switching on the TV. Shadow deposited (Y/n) in the mountain of blankets, nudging the barf bowl with his foot before settling himself next to her. Silver flopped down on her other side while Sonic settled himself at her feet, pulling the ends of one of her blankets around his shoulders. 

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