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You couldn't sleep.
At all.

Vice on the other hand was knocked out like a rock as he clung to you.

You got four hours of sleep at most but that's okay now that you saw daylight.
You noticed your anxiety had risen and you just could not calm yourself down.

You tried reassurance.

It's okay.. It'll be fine.

Just as you began shutting your eyes, the alarm went off making your heart jump. Vice grumbled and you knew it was time.

You jumped up, despite feeling extremely weak, and went to your dresser as you pulled out school clothes.
A thought flashed through your mind.

Thinking of Lila, your body shivered and you felt your emotions become rigid.

Vice finally sat up with a yawn.
"Good morning sweetheart~ How'd you sleep? I had a dream about us!"

His good mood irked your bad one as you slipped on your skirt.
You didn't mind.. or care if he saw.


"You okay?" he asked waiting for a response and you snapped back to reality.
"Oh! Yeah, I'm fine Vice" you smiled and looked back at him.

He stood up wearing his white wifebeater and you almost laughed at the look.

Caide would never wear such a thing.. he's more of a onesie guy.

"When'd you put that on?"
"Don't worry about it sweetheart.." Vice smiled as he hugged your from behind. "Let me do your hair~"
"You can die.."
"That's very mean.." he pouted fakely as he played with your hair.

You buttoned up your white uniform shirt after putting on deodorant and perfume.

"Where's that traditional attire the shaman wears? I'm sure they won't let me in the school without looking professional.." Vice stated and you pointed to the clothing on the chair. "You washed it?"

You nodded and went to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. Soon Vice joined you and you both finished getting ready.

You let out a deep breath and opened the front door but was stopped by your mother.

"Honey, I don't think you should go to school today.."


"Sorry I have a hard test today.. I have too" you laughed off and Vice gave you a strange look.
"Well me and your father want you to stay home today.." she demanded still in her sweet tone and you felt like you were being pushed against a wall.

It made your nerves even worse.. but why? Why did they want you to stay home.

"Vincent can stay as well.. just a break today" she bargained but you knew she was hiding something.
"Sorry but no, we are going" you told her sternly and your father came around the corner.
"You will do what your mother says" he spat and you gave him a look of disgust.

Fuck that. I'm getting so sick of these two.

"Come on sweetheart.. we can stay home today! We can hang out together~" Vice smiled.

You knew he meant well but this wasn't the time to be taking your parents side.
Not to mention you needed to see Lance, you couldn't take this feeling anymore.

"No?!" Your father yelled and you took a step back. "You will do as your mother says! If she wants you to get on the ground like a dog, you will!"
"Oh go fucking die" you spat in anger and walked out the door with a slam.

You heard Vice jog behind you concerned.

"Hey what's wrong?"

You didn't reply and it was silent for the most part until you got to the front of the school.


"Hey.." Vice tilted your chin before going inside. You hid your hot angry tears. "What he said was stupid, don't let it get to you.. they're still your parents"
"Those aren't my parents!! Those are just people who conceived me" you yelled and he smiled softly as he rubbed your cheek.
"Hey.. I wish I could see my parents, but I don't know where they are.."
"Don't compare my life to yours!" you yelled at him and he just stared at you with his bright hazel eyes. "You don't know anything.. my best friend brought me food all those times they weren't there. I don't have a car!! I walk everywhere, did you? My best friend it dead, is yours?"
"Yes.. my mother drove me to school and picked me up. As for best friend, I didn't have one" he replied.


The late bell rung and you rushed inside.

The first thing you did was find Mr. Lances classroom. He obviously knew you were coming because he was sitting in his chair with a smirk.

"This teacher.." Vice started before Lance cut him off.
"Ah the shaman! Nice to see you again!"

The teacher glanced at you with a small smirk and your heart jumped.


"Nice to see you as well .. Y/n this isn't your first class" Vice mentioned and you sighed.
"I got it changed after the.. incident"
"Oh.." Vice replied with a suspicious expression.

Was he on to you?
No.. but he was confused.
The classroom was empty and no students were in the hall.
It was just you three.

"Ms. L/n.. here's the paper for today"

Lance handed you a paper and you knew immediately. You glanced at Vice, who had seemed to realized.
He didn't say anything though.. he didn't even move.

"I forgot to tell you.. you look really pretty today" Vice looked down to his geta shoes with a small smile.

You bit your lip without replying and slammed the paper into his chest and it immediately stuck.
He fell to the ground and began throwing up black and red blood.

Tears ran from your eyes and you glanced at Lance who was now standing up.

"Caide?" you said alloud hopeful as Lance helped him to his feet.

You looked to his now brown eyes and his skin which was no longer pale.
Caide looked around confused.

"What happened to my hair?"


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