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"Okay, maybe I don't believe in you as much as I originally did."

THE BRUNETTE GIRL sat at the lunch table alone. Just like always. No one ever sat with the girl at lunchtime, not even her friends. She didn't mind it much thought, she liked being alone.

Fiona sat and played with her food not wanting to eat the disgusting looking food that sat in front of her. The girl looked over her shoulder just to see her two friends looking at her. She sent them a small smile not getting one in return.

Just then, she realised they weren't looking at her. They were looking at someone at the table next to her. Following their gaze, she saw who they were looking at.

It was a boy with long hair and bangs. He was wearing a shirt which matched the one which Mike and Dustin were wearing. Then it clicked. That must be the Eddie they were talking about earlier.

Dustin and Mike sat down at the table next to hers and she could tell the boys were nervous. The girl paid no attention to the boys and went into a small daydream. However, she was immediately snapped out of it when she heard somebody stand at the table beside hers.

She looked up to see Eddie climbing onto the table, speaking as he did. "But as long as your into band or science...or parties." He sneered as he looked around the cafeteria.

"Or a game where you toss balls into laundry baskets..." Eddie yelled at the group of basketball players who all just rolled their eyes at the boy.

"You want something, freak?" Fiona heard one of the players ask, sensing the annoyance in his words.

In response, Eddie put his hands up to his head making horns with his fingers and sticking his tongue out causing Fiona to let out a small laugh.

Eddie put his hands back down and chuckled and grinned at the annoyed player. Fiona watched as the boy walked back across the table, intrigued by the boy.

"It's force conforming." The brunette heard the brown-eyed boy speak. "That's what's...killing the kids!" Eddie shouted at a girl who was walking by, jumping right next to her.

Fiona chuckled as did Eddie and the group of boys who were sitting at his table. Eddie let cheerleaders walk by him before looking over at Fiona seeing that she was amused by him.

Eddie nodded at her making the girl smile in response before he went back to his seat. "That's the real monster." He finished.

All of the group turned around to see who the Munson boy had been nodding at only for Mike and Dustin to be shocked when they saw it was their friend. "Hey, Fi!" Dustin smiled at the girl.

"Hey, Dustin!" She smiled back, giving him a small smile. "Why don't you come to sit with us?" Dustin asked motioning for the girl to sit next to Mike.

"Uh..." Fiona trailed off as she looked over at Eddie who just nodded. "Why not?" The boy spoke making Fiona stand up, grab her food and walk over to the group of boys.

"Fi, is it?" One of the boys who sat at the table asked making Eddie roll his eyes. "It's Fiona Harrington."

"Yeah...Fiona Harrington." The girl nodded, not sure how the boy had known her name. "We share a few classes." Eddie nodded at her.

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