Chapter 1

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Someone told me secrets can destroy lives. I never believed them until now. I was kidnapped when I was 3 years old. I never knew my biological parents. I didn't know I was kidnapped until I was 12. I dyed my hair purple a year later and I went to underground fighting clubs. I didn't fight in them until I was 15. I went there every Tuesday and every Thursday every other Wednesday and occasionally Friday. I also do graffiti. Those aren't the secrets that destroy my life.

"Raven!" mom called up the stairs.

"Coming mom!" I yelled back. I walked downstairs. "What's up?"

"Dinner is ready." She responded. Dinner is cheeseburger and French fries.

"How was school?" Dad asked.

"It was fine." I replied. I went upstairs and took out my homework out of my backpack. My phone dings. There is a message from my best friend, Phoenix. Remember there is a test tomorrow and you are coming to my house after school. I responded with oh yea I forgot see you tomorrow. I did my homework and I studied for my math test. It took me 2 hours to do. It was late so I went to bed. I'm a light sleeper I heard a bump downstairs around 2:30am. I got up and walked downstairs to see what it was. It was just Rebel my Pit Bull. I ran back upstairs and climbed back into bed. I couldn't go back to sleep. I been reading "A good girl's guide to murder". When I finished the book my alarmed went off. I turned off my alarm and hopped in the shower. I got out and I put on a demi blue ripped jeans, a black long sleeve t-shirt, and black Addia's shoes. I rushed downstairs, grabbed backpack, and headed out the door. The school is walking distance from my house. I got school 5 minutes later.

"Hey, bestie! Phoenix exclaimed walking to me at my locker.

"Hey girl!" I responded.

"You still coming over after school?" Phoenix asked.

"Yea." I answered. The bell rang a second time and we dashed to class, so we weren't late. English class is first we are writing an essay on Romeo and Juliet. We are starting with a graphic organizer and planning to start to write a rough draft. The bell rang when class over. Phoenix and I were not in the same science class. In science class we did an experiment there was 5 minutes left in class. I was drawing everyone else was talking. I like to draw a tree going through the four seasons. My next class is my favorite art. Today in art it just a free draw. I'm drawing of a bird in nest on a tree. Lunch is next. I didn't feel like eating today so I went to the library I didn't read or anything I like how quiet it is. I walked into one of the aisles and sat down. I leaned against the bookshelf, and I fell asleep. 20 minutes later I heard Phoenix yelling my name.

"Phoenix, stop yelling. I said walking out of the library.

"You weren't in lunch." Phoenix declared.

"I was in the library I fell asleep." I responded. Let's get to class before we're late." We walked to our lockers to switch out our books and rushed to class. Social Studies is my least favorite class. I tend not to listen in this class. I can't pay attention because it's boring. Next class is math we have a test today. I hope I pass. All class we did the test after the test we could do anything, but it has to be quiet. Class was finally over. Phoenix and I met at the front of the school. Her house is 15 minutes walking distance from the school. We got to her house, and no one was but her brother, Cole. He has dirty blonde hair blue eyes. He's 6'1. Cole is 2 years older than Phoenix and I, so he is 17.

"My parents are not home, but my brother is home. He shouldn't bother us." Phoenix stated. We walked to her room which is on the second door on the left.

"I have some crazy information, but you can't tell anyone. I'm kidnapped. I was kidnapped when I was three I didn't until I was 12." I proclaimed. Phoenix was in shock she didn't say anything.

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