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I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around me. I put some comfortable clothes on. If you were wondering how i slept. It was fan-fucking-tastic, note the sarcasm.

I'm having nightmares again, from that one night. I didn't have them for a long time but they are back. Which is just great.

I get out of the bathroom, Dario and Ricardo are already eating. They both look at me when i walk in. "Today i'm wearing a lovely shade of i slept like shit so don't piss me off."

Ricardo stands up, "I won't have a problem with that, because i wont be here today."

I frown, "Where are you going?" I take a place at the table. "Mom asked me to go with her." He shrugs. "Go with her to what?" I pull my legs to my chest.

"I have no fucking idea." He laughs, "I'll call you guys when i know where i'm going to." He looks at his watch, "Talking about going, i have to leave before she kills me for being to late."

He gives me a fast kiss on my forehead and puts his phone in his pocket. "Be careful!" I yell at him before he leaves.

If you are wondering what i did with the flowers that i bought yesterday. I put them in a vase on the kitchen counter. Ricardo thought they didn't fit in the interior, but i think they do. So they're staying right where i put them.

"When is that party?"

Dario puts his phone down, "Tonight, why?" I lean my head on my knees, "Can you guys bring someone?" I actually do wanna go to a party, i could never say no to stuff like that.  "Yeah, everyone is welcome."

"So... Can we go?" I look at him with pleadingly eyes.

He sighs, "I'll talk to Ricardo about it okay?"

I nod, god i'm so tired. I must get up, my coffee needs me.

I walk to the kitchen making some coffee, "Do you want some?" I lean forward on the counter waiting for his answer. "I don't drink coffee." He takes his plate and puts it in the dishwasher. I gasp, "What, who the hell doesn't drink coffee."

He puts his hand in the air, "Guilty"

I could never live without coffee, it's my life saver.

Didn't sleep good? Coffee. Got a bad hair day? Coffee. Bored? Coffee. I could go on for hours, people who don't drink coffee are missing out in life.

"I wanna take you somewhere today." He leans his hands on the counter on each side of me, locking me in.

"Where to?" I look up, since he's way taller than me.

A little smirk appears on his face, "It's a surprise." I roll my eyes, Surprises, the one thing i hate the most in the world, except for cats ofcourse. Wouldn't wanna forget about those.

Is it hot in here or is it just me? He's standing really close, i really mean close. I bet my fuck me eyes look so good right now.

He walks away, "Bring your bikini with you." He yells before he disappears in the bathroom. This reminds me of my childhood times where you were invited to a party, and then they told you to bring your swimsuit but they wouldn't tell you what we were gonna do.

Talking about my childhood. One time in 7th grade i had foods class and we had to make this nasty organic pasta and you know the trick where you throw a spaghetti noodle against the fridge and if it sticks you know it's done or whatever. Well that part was my job and i was basically so annoyed and angry at being a 7th grader, i forgot what life was for a second and without thinking i grabbed the spaghetti and threw the entire contents of the bowl against the fridge.

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