Chapter 18: Suspicious

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Naruto was back at the mansion sitting in front of the guy, who was named Ramond, who planned the wire to snap. Ramond was squirming back and forth trying to untie himself but whenever he moved, he would be kicked and shoved by Naruto's bodyguard.

"Dude when are you gonna learn the more you move the more they're gonna kick." Naruto said bored as he flipped through the tv, "God there's nothing to watch."

Ramond squirmed some more and said, "Will you please let me go."

"Not until teme comes."

"WHERE'S THAT BASTARD!" a woman shrieked.

Naruto's head snapped towards the hall and stuttered in a terrified voice, "And that must be the Mrs."

Naruto turned to Ramond and said, "Welp see ya later dude. Guys why don't we get some popcorn for the show."

Ramond looked at Naruto and his bodyguard in confusion as they walked to the kitchen. Before he could ask what was going on Naruto popped his head back and said, "Heads up Sakura has a mean punch."

Ramond raised his eyebrow, "Saku-AAGH"

"Babe I told you I would get the first punch." Sasuke came in while cracking his wrist.

Sakura smiled at him and said, "Well here let me hold his head for you."

Sasuke smirked, he placed his wristwatch on his knuckles and gave him a dark smirk.


With Naruto and his men...

"This is why I don't mess with them." Naruto stated as he poured popcorn into his ramen. The two men felt awkward like two kids hearing parents bicker.

Naruto turned to the doorway and looked at his phone and said, "Give it a minute or two."

Back with Sasuke and Sakura

"Sasuke-kun that's enough." Sakura stated as she stood up, "Time for questioning."

Sakura circled the man and asked, "Why did you do it?"

Ramond smirked and let out a light chuckle, "I don't know what you did to anger my client but I do know that she want's you all dead."

"Who sent you?" Sasuke yelled.

Ramond scoffed and said, "Heh bitch paid me double to keep quiet, like hell am I spilling."

Sasuke glared dagger into the man, he pulled his collar and said, "Listen here bastard that girl you targeted was my family and you don't mess with my family, got it! Now I suggest you tell me who sent you before I beat it out of you."

Ramond was tight lipped not wanting to give any information. Ramond knew that if he slip up he could kiss that bonus goodbye. He wasn't scared of some random kid; he had taken out a lot more people and dealt with even dangerous shit.

"You actually think I give a shit? Why don't you stay out of it pretty boy, you and your little friends before things get messy."

Sasuke let go and shrugged, "Alright, so let's see how long you can last?" He then yelled, "OI DOBE GET YOUR ASS AND YOUR MEN IN HERE."

Naruto came in scratching his head, "What do you want now."

Sasuke motioned to the two bodyguard and said, "Oi muscle 1 and muscle 2, why don't you rough him up a bit for me." He turned to Sakura and said, "Babe why don't we go to the back and get some ice cream."

Sakura scoffed giving him a cheeky smile, "You don't like sweets and besides Naruto probably ate it all up."

"Which is why I keep coffee and dark chocolate ice cream that's so bitter that I know that Naruto won't even think about having a bit." Sasuke stated.

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