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"What happened to my hair?"


"That's all you have to say?!" You yelled as a surge of anger struck through you.

You swung a fist at Caide and Lance caught it. Lance held you back as you ranted and yelled at Caide.

"How could you leave me?! Do you know what I went through?!"
Tears streamed as you tried to hit him but Lance wouldn't allow you.
"Y/n calm down! His body is really weak right now.."
"How could you! Saying you would protect me!! Stupid shaman! Let go of me Lance!!" you spat as you threw a fit.
"Stop it Y/n" Lance warned as he held you up.
"Damon let go of me now!! Stupid Caide!" you cried as you hit his chest.

Lance grabbed your arm tighter and made you look at him.

"Stop it" he told you sternly and you bit your lip as you sniffled.

He finally set you down and you looked at Caide again.
He had a surprised expression, and you realized he did look really worn out.

But.. he looked fine when Vice was in his body just now.

"I made sure he wasn't.."
"He was still possessed Y/n" Lance stated and Caide just glared at you.
"What the hell are you glaring at.." you mumbled and he walked closer.

You looked into his warm but tired eyes.
You crossed your arms upset and heard him chuckle a bit.

"What are you laughing at?!" you spat and he made your heart jump by putting his hand on your cheek.

He's slowly becoming warm..

"Were you really going to hit me?" he asked.
"You hate me that much?"
"Yes.." you looked to the side and he just shook his head with a chuckle.
"But you risked your life to bring me back.."
"To yell at you" you huffed stubbornly.

He just gave you a look.

"You better be lucky I'm to tired to argue.. bitch" he scoffed and your jaw dropped.

Tears built up again from your sensitive state.

How dare he!

You opened your mouth to yell again but Lance grabbed your wrist and pulled you to the side.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?!"
Caide yelled for the first time, but as he stumbled forward, he ended up sitting down in a chair while letting out a groan of pain.

"Y/n.. you don't have much time" Lance sighed.
"What do you mean?" you asked worried and Lance showed you his hands which were scarred with black wounds.
"What the.."
"It hurt like hell writing that talisman.. you do know I'm not a shaman right?"
"What are you getting at?"
"You have 24 hours"
"What?!" You yelled and Caide raised his eyebrow at you both.

You moved Lance farther to the side as you looked up at him.

"Why do I only have 24 hours?!"
"That talisman isn't full proof.. Caide is still possessed. All I did was cast a switch spell that knocks Vice out instead of Caide.."
Lance could see the upsetness forming on your face and quickly smiled.
"Heyyy! Don't worry there's a way to make it full proof!"

Your attention was caught and you grabbed his arm as you waited impatiently.

"Woah! Your eyes are really gleaming now.. it's cute~" Lance flirted but you ignored him.
"How do I make it final??"
"Well.. I guess you would have to officially finish the wife deal"
"Like with a kiss?" You asked a bit confused until Lance smirked.
"You're so cute!! Anyways.. kisses are for spirits. Honestly, I've never seen an actual shaman get a wife with these circumstances unless it was like a human marriage. Sadly that's not the case"
"What are you getting at?!" You urged on and Lance came down to your level.

Caide was still sitting in a desk conserving his energy.

He was staring at you two with his head resting on his fist and his elbow on the table. He had a scowl which you had to admit you missed..
With Vice being in his body so long, all he did was smile.

"Well since a spirit doesn't have a human body, all the wife and spirit can do is kiss to finalize the 'marriage'. The shaman has a human body.. so to finalize the marriage spiritually you and him must.."
Lance whispered the rest in your ear and your face flushed. Caide finally had enough and got on to you two.
"What are you two whispering about? I don't think it's appropriate for a student and teacher to be that close anyways.." he said annoyed but when you looked back at him you couldn't even make eye contact.

Oh if only he knew what I had to do to get him here right now..

"You're just a perv now! How the hell will that help? I'm sure Caide can figure something out!!" you spat flustered and Lance shrugged.
"The finalization should knock the spirit out his body and back to the old building, but by all means if you have a better idea in 24 hours be my guess. I'm sure Caide knows about the finalization and hasn't said anything.."

Lance sat back in his chair unfazed and Caide stood up.

I bet he heard all of that..

"I heard you mention the switch thing.. that's genius since technically the spirit still has the beads on but where is he?" Caide asked Lance with confusion.
"Inside you.." he laughed a bit and Caides face grew disgusted.
"Like inside my body? Knocked out?"
"Gross.." Caide rolled his eyes and grabbed your hand, "Come on let's go"

You smacked his hand away.

"I'm a bitch remember?" you mumbled angrily.
Caide exhaled calmly, "What were you two whispering about?"
Your eyes widened again before just laughing it off. "Nothing.."
"Don't lie to me!! Tell me now"
"I don't have to tell you anything asshole!!"
"Asshole? You're gonna show me respect or.."
"Or what? You gonna slap my ass again? Or are you gonna get your ass possessed and leave?"
You argued but ended up breaking eye contact when your eyes met his angry ones.

"Yeah yeah.. now kiss or get out my classroom" Lance told you both after getting sick of your arguing.

Caide didn't give you a choice as he grabbed your hand and left the classroom.
He dragged you down the hall as you went down the stairs.
You threw his hand off yours and he pulled you behind the stairwell.

"What are you.."


He slammed his arms on both sides of your head, pinning you to the wall.

"What? What do you want me to do Y/n!!"


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