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 Taymor PovLong Beach, California 3:40 pmNext day

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
3:40 pm
Next day


"We fuck nigga free!" Nick shouted out the window of the moving car.

"Keep yo eyes on the road for we crash then you gon have a handicap sticker on this bitch" Taymor said, rolling down his window.

"Tay I bet 200 dollars you ain't gon get on top of this car and start twerkin' " Nick challenged.

"200!? Pull over right here!!" Taymor smacked the dashboard, unbuckling his seatbelt.

Nick pulled over the car, parking in a bus lane, "You finna drive it while I'm on top?" Taymor asked opening the car door.

"Let me record this first" Nick grabbed his phone turning up the music.

Taymor climbed on top of the hood, getting on top of the car.

"Ok shake it friend" Nick pressed play, as the music banged loudly in the background.

Taymor stood on his tip toes, moving his ass flawlessly as Nick hyped him up recording him, " WE FUCK NIGGA FREE" Nick jumped up and down, with the phone in his hand.

"Aight Tay Tay be careful I'm finna drive" Nick said, getting back in the car before posting the video.

"Go slow I don't wanna bust my ass" Taymor reminded, getting on his hand and knees.

Nick pulled off going slowly as Taymor continued twerking on the roof of the car.

"PUT ALL THAT ASS UP" Some girl yelled from the car beside them, making Taymor laugh.

7 minutes later, Taymor was having so much fun talking to people as they saw him twerking, some of the people even gave him money.

Nick stopped at a red light when he saw red and blue lights in his rear view mirror, making him scared.

Nick pulled over slowly, in which Taymor came down from on top of the roof, "I don't wanna go to jail and they take my booty".

Taymor busted out laughing, once he heard what Nick said, " Act chill here they come" Taymor spoke to Nick through the window.

"Hey, how y'all doing today" Officer #1 said, tapping the hood of the car.

"We good how about you" Taymor replied, trying not to laugh at Nick who was basically crying.

"I'm fine but You know whatcha doing here is not good?" Officer #1 raised his eyebrow, looking at Taymor.

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