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 Taymor Pov Long Beach, California Next day, Friday 5:54 Am

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Next day, Friday
5:54 Am


"Tay get up we got school today" Dayvon gently shook Taymor who was holding on to one of the pillows.

"I'm not going" Taymor groaned, turning over.


Taymor jumped up, breathing in and out dramatically as Kentrell and Dayvon laughed.

"You lucky I ain't throw yo ass in the tub" Kentrell laugh, walking fast out the room.

"I fucking hate y'all"Taymor huffed, wiping the dripping water from his face.

"I been thinking when you gon let us cuff that ass" Dayvon asked out of no where.

"Like all three of us?" Taymor raised his eyebrow.

"Yeah we both want you so why not" Dayvon tossed his shirt on.

"I'll think about it and then I'll tell y'all when I'm ready" Taymor said, now thinking about what a relationship he would have with the two older males.


Taymor was in the hallway talking to Nick and Megan when Aaliyah walked passed, stepping on Nick's shoe.

"Ok Bigfoot I know you seen my foot right here" Nick snapped, making Aaliyah turn around.

"Who Bigfoot?" Aaliyah stepped up to Nick, causing him to step back.

"That hot ass breath back up" Nick spat, as Megan was laughing her ass off.

"Shut the fuck up you yellow skittle" Aaliyah said, bossing up on Nick making Taymor step between them.

"Girl you tryna fight him but you ain't beat them bitches who stole yo car and whoop yo ass" Taymor said, while Everyone brung they attention to them.

"They whooped her ass" Megan laughed, holding her stomach.

"Bitch you want some" Aaliyah pushed up to Megan, which made Megan stop laughing.

"You fighting everybody but the bitches that beat yo ass pipe down and go sit" Megan said calmly, pushing Aaliyah back.

"Girl bye" Aaliyah walked away.

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