07: she was HOT

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giacoleman: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH BBYS ❤️❤️

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nicolassturniolo: ITS OUR MONTH 🫶🏻🫶🏻
giacoleman: YESYESYES

usernamefive: it's my first pride month ‼️
giacoleman: happy first angel! i love u ❤️

christophersturniolo: i love all my lgbtq+ people ❤️
giacoleman: aww i love you too handsome 🫶🏻🫶🏻

usernametwenty: ew a gay person.
usernametwo: and you wonder why you get no bitches 😐

sierramoon: pretty girl oml 😍

alissonfuentess: we love the gays 💞💞

matthew.sturniolo: ITS WIFEY'S MONTH 💞💞
giacoleman: i'm crying ilysm ❤️

giopher: WE LOVE U ❤️❤️

usernamethree: wait she's apart of it?
tatejohansson: yup she's bisexual

giacoleman: if you wanna know my coming out story, go watch it on my channel feat. the most annoying trio on earth 💞

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irl !

the triplets and gianna were in an empty parking lot at 2 am. why you may ask? well in honour of pride month, the coleman girl decided to make a coming out story.

"hey guys! so this is not my usual space to film but the reason behind it is because today's topic is kinda serious" she explains.

"yeah so our little rascal is going to tell you guys all about her coming out story. basically how she knew she was apart of the lgbtq community" chris speaks.

"oh and disclaimer before we start, even tho we're in her video and we normally talk a lot, in this video we're gonna hear gia and gia only" matt explains.

"i love you very much matthew you know that?"

"yes i do"

camera cut.

"so back in 8th grade, i was sitting next to this girl in math class. she looked real hot for an 8th grader like she was HOT" she started.

"and at that time i was having an identity crisis like do i just like girls? or do i like both genders and shit like that. but anyways fast forward to freshman year when that same girl started talking to me. so a couple of days later we started to hang out and eventually became friends. maybe a couple of weeks later she got a boyfriend and told me"

"plot twist the boyfriend was matt" nick told the camera.

"i wanted to say it! but anyways the boyfriend was indeed matthew. and when she started to hang more with him, i felt kinda hurt. and that's when i realized that i like boys and girls. me being the blabber mouth i am, couldn't keep it to myself so i went to tell chris first"

"and i being the bestest friend i am, i supported her and we went to dennys after to celebrate" chris elaborated.

"so it was really hard hanging with the girl because she always hanged with matt. so in order to hang with her and make it seem i'm not bi, i just told everyone i and a crush on matt even tho i had a crush on the girl"

"and it was rlly awkward between us. especially when she came to hang with us" matt spoke.

"really. like matt and i weren't as close because of this for months" the teen agreed.

camera cut.

"and then maybe end of freshman year, i told nick, alahna, tate and ali. when i told them, i think it built a sort of courage to alisson because she came out to us literally 5 minutes after i did. so fast forward again to mid sophomore year when i got my first ever girlfriend. we dated for maybe four months before we broke up since we thought we were better as friends. my relationship with this girl was very intimate, so like family and really close friends knew about us. tho i'm happy that i stayed friends with her cause now she's one of my very close friends"

"when covid hit, that was when i felt the need to come out publicly since i was figuring out who i was as a person. so 2 years after publicly coming out, i'm living my best life and i couldn't be happier" she finished.

camera cut.

"so that's it for today's video hope you guys liked it and make sure to turn on that bell to be notified whenever i post a video"

"we love you all!" nick exclaimed.

"before we wrap up the video, the outro for today is gonna be different than the other ones since my boys are here. so matt" she says getting the camera and handing it to matt.

"with pleasure" the sturniolo took the camera and screamed.


happy pride month! i love u all very much!

so this chapter was really fun to do ngl because i wanted to do something to honour pride month 💞

but yeah hope you guys liked this chapter!!

OH- almost forgot,



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