09: i'm going if yk whos aren't

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(probs a two months time skip cause i don't feel like explaining how logan and gia became friends)

chr*s and madd*e hate club ‼️
gia: colie 😍
matt: loverboy ❤️‍🩹
nick: gay bitch 😼
tate: marie 💞
ali: #1 hater ❤️
logan: lego man 😘
jayla: cookie 🫶🏻
sierra: lovergirl ❤️‍🩹

cookie 🫶🏻
let's go out tonight

lovergirl ❤️‍🩹
i agree with jay it's been a while

gay bitch 😼
we all know why...

colie 😍
wuh? never seen a girl sad that her best friend of 15 FUCKING YEARS hangs out with a girl who CHEATED on matthew and used her to hang with him?

gay bitch 😼
defensive much?

colie 😍
stfu nick

loverboy ❤️‍🩹
he's right tho.
u two haven't talk much since what two months?

colie 😍
yeah? and?

marie 💞
he's trying to say GET THE FUCK OVER HIM
if he likes to hang more with a bold bitch than u, his fucking lost

#1 hater ❤️
well said besfran

lego man 😘

marie 💞
and a night out is what u need (we all need it cause ur sadness is ruining my aura)

colie 😍
i mean...
ig we could go out

cookie 🫶🏻

colie 😍
slow ur roll cookie
sad bitch is still here
she's just on hold for tonight

gay bitch 😼
that's what i like to hear

colie 😍
ily husband ❤️
tho where are we going?

cookie 🫶🏻
a party

lego man 😘
who's throwing it?

cookie 🫶🏻
lily i think

marie 💞
omg haven't seen that hottie in a minute
i'm def going

colie 😍
bc u wanna now if she likes girls to get w/ her lol

marie 💞
pff noo

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