10: oh it's just you

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irl and social media !

irl !

the teens arrived at party a little late.

"where were u three?!" nick asked.

"oh i don't know ask them" said gianna looking back at sierra and matt. they both put their heads down.

"on second thought don't. i'll tell you myself." she stared. "so we're late because this couple was watching a whole ass movie for and hour, got ready late and picked me up literally TWO hours late. i was fucking freezing outside"

"why didn't u go back in?" matt asked.

"i locked myself out and the only other people with a key to my apartment are tate, but she already left, and chris" she explained.

"wait chris has a key to the apartment?!" tatum looked at the girl nearly shocked.

"yeah? why do you find it weird? i have a key to his house too"

"what?!" nick and matt shouted in unison.

"maybe i should've left that part out" she chuckled nervously.

"moving on, let's go party!" nick exclaimed.

all of them part ways. tatum went to search for lily, jayla and alisson were in the backyard, sierra and matt sat in the living room and gia, nick and logan went and danced their hearts out.


"omg!" madison exclaimed sitting up on the bed.

"what?" chris asked not letting his eyes off his phone.

"we should go to lily'a party it looks so fire" she suggested.

"i know i've seen all the stories on ig. and i'm not in the mood for a party"

"oh come on it's gonna be fun! do your best friend a favor for once" she said.

chris's nose scrunched at the word 'best friend'. the only person who would call him that doesn't call him that anymore. well, that's what he thinks. everytime he hears the word 'best friend' he thinks about the fight he had with gianna about two months ago.


"oh come on she's not that bad!" an angry chris exclaimed.

this has been his 3rd fight with gianna about madison this week.

"yes she is! she's manipulating you and you don't realize it! and don't you dare say 'she's not manipulating me she's has been nothing but super nice to me'

"oh yeah? tell me how she's manipulating my head gianna tell me!" he started to yell which startled the coleman girl.

"i don't know how she's doing it this time but she manipulating me when we were friends and manipulated your own brother chris. BROTHER! but you can't seem to fucking comprehend what i'm trying to tell you for the past TWO FUCKING WEEKS" she explained.

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