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today was the day

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today was the day.

the day Te'lani was dreading. burying her mother.

she tried to prolong the funeral for as long as she could but she knew she had to have it.

everybody told her she needed to lay her mother to rest.

Te'lani knew it was true and was a wreck.

she had barely eaten and barely slept.

she put on a brave face for everyone else but when she was alone she broke down.

Brittany death took a huge toll on her.

she needed her mother. someone to help her through motherhood like her mother promised.

Te'lani felt like she had to do everything on her own now.

"baby you gotta come on" Breanne said softly.

"i'll come auntie i promise" Te'lani whispered.

"we have to go right now , we both can't stall much longer I know how hard this will be but you have to come on. everybody is already there waiting for us" Breanne hugged her.

Te'lani stood to her feet and slowly walking out the house.

she heard Breanne come out next and she got in the car.

tears slowly came down her face as her auntie started up the car and pulled off towards the church.

"hi love how are you doing?" Blair her other aunt asked her.

Blair was the oldest out of the 3 sisters. she didn't have a good bond with her sisters at all.

she actually mistreated Brittany a lot. sister or not Te'lani didn't want her here.

"my mama died how you think I feel?" Te'lani walked off.

her mood was changing constantly if she wasn't sad she was angry.

"you cant snap on everybody Te'lani we get what you're going through but we all lost her too calm down" Cece pulled her to the side.

"i'm not snapping on everybody just her, you know that bitch fake" Te'lani scoffed.

"trust me I do" Cece said as they heard Breanne telling them the funeral was starting.

"hmm" Tobias handed her Tru.

"thank you" She mumbled walking to the front row with Cece.

"thank you all for coming , today we are here to pay tribute to a mother , sister , daughter and friend. Brittany Ford a devoted mother life was taken far to soon. we all may know her for her short temper and her and her sister Breanne who were tied at the hip causing trouble"

there were a a few scattered laughs before he spoke again.

"now there won't be much of a hold up because we know there are a few family members who would like to speak, thank you all for coming again" the pastor said walking away from the podium.

tears constantly fell from Te'lani as she looked at her mother in the casket.

"Cece I can't" Te'lani mumbled closing her eyes.

"i'm here for you , everybody is just stay with me I got you" Cece took Tru from her.

"hi i'm Breanne , Brittany's sister my sister died to early. I wish there was more I could do about it I'm lost for words at this point without my sister i'm not myself we were literally in breakable. we had each other through everything now she's gone. I love my sister forever and always" Breanne said.

she was in full blown tears she looked at her sister in the casket and cried harder.

"she faking" Blair mumbled but Te'lani heard her.

she ignored her not wanting to cause a scene at her mothers funeral.

"Te'lani love would you like to say a few words?" The pastor asked her.

Te'lani shook her head , words couldn't explain the love she shared for her mother and how she felt right now.

"well who else wants to speak?"

Cece handed her Tru and walked up.

"i don't have to much to say but that I miss my auntie, from us beating people up together- girl gone off the stage" somebody yelled laughing.

Cece huffed walking off the stage and sitting back down.

"now you know" Ju thumped her head.

"if no one else will like to speak; Breanne will come up once more for the eulogy"

Te'lani hugged Tobias as she watched them slowly lower her mothers casket into the ground.

Tobias, Ju, Wes and Rod were all there for her.

she was thankful for all of them.

"i'm gone miss her so much" Te'lani cried harder.

"i know, i gotchu you tho let it all out" Tobias hugged her tighter.

the casket finally lowered into the ground and Te'lani wiped her eyes watching them shovel the dirt over the hole.

"thank you for paying for this" Te'lani said to Tobias.

"wasn't nun" He shrugged.

"i'll be back" She said walking to her car.

she felt somebody tap her shoulder and she turned around coming face to face with Jordan.

"why the fuck are you here?! do you know what they would do if they saw you?!" Te'lani whisper yelled.

"i won't be long just wanted to show u something" Jordan handed her a big folder.

"watch who you be around , i'm sorry for your loss Te" he said walking off.

Te'lani looked at the folder in her hands and got inside her car.

she opened the folder and looked at blown up messages between Tobias and a man.

the messages showed them plotting a hit and run.

she shook her head looking at the next set of messages. they were a group message with Tobias again and two unknown people.

Te assumed it was the man from the last pair of messages

she just didn't know who the mystery person were.

"you can't be serious" Te'lani shook her head seeing a photo of Tobias in her mothers room inserting something into her IV.

"he couldn't" she mumbled shaking her head more

hot tears rolled down her face as she kept looking at the pictures of messages.

the message on the picture read "it's done"

and that was the end of everything.

shook and confused was what she felt right now.

could Tobias really have plotted to kill her mother?

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