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"We're standing right here, fucker."

FIONA SIGHED. HER AND Dustin were currently at his house watching the news. There had been a murder. A gruesome one.

Dustin's mom sat next to the two, stroking the cat. "My heart can't take it anymore. It just can't."

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Both Dustin and Fiona looked at each other before the boy rushed on over only to reveal Max. Nothing was said but the three quickly made it to the boys' room.

Closing the door behind them, Max told them everything.

"Chrissy Cunningham?" Dustin asked the ginger, pasting across the room anxiously. "Are you sure it was her?" Fi questioned the girl.

"Yes, in her cheerleader outfit. The same thing she was in when I saw her with Eddie." Max informed the duo, making the girl furrow her brows.

"Chrissy Cunningham, the popular cheerleader with Eddie?" Fi questioned, not understanding what Chrissy could possibly want from him.

Max nodded her head making Fiona furrow her brows more. "Did you tell all this to the cops?" Dustin asked as he had finally stopped walking.

"No, but I...I can't be the only one who saw them together." Max told the two, "I mean, they stood out."

"Eddie the freak with Chrissy the cheerleader?" Dustin asked, also having a hard time believing. "Hey, he's not a freak." Fiona gently hit Dustin's shoulder.

"Exactly." Max responded to Dustin. "You know, his names not in the news yet or anything, but I guarantee you Eddie is suspect one now."

"That's crazy." Dustin told the ginger girl. "Yeah, I mean he doesn't seem like the murdering type." Fiona agreed with the boy, nodding her head.

"Eddie didn't do this. No way." Dustin denied what the girl was thinking, really not wanting to think that Eddie Munson had killed someone.

"We can't rule it out." Max quickly told the boy with a shrug of her shoulders. "Yes, we can." Both Fiona and Dustin spoke spontaneously.

"You don't know him like I do, Max. Okay?" Dustin told the ginger girl who stood in front of him, rolling her eyes. "When we got to high school, Lucas made all his sports friends. Fiona.. well Fiona doesn't have any friends apart from us now that I think about it." Dustin looked over to the girl with a small smile.

"Sorry." He whispered, putting his hands on her shoulder. "I mean you're not wrong."

Dustin quickly turned back to the fed-up girl who was still rolling her eyes at him, "Mike and me? I mean no one was nice to us. No one except Eddie."

"Okay. Well, they said the same shit about Ted Bundy." Max told the boy, making Fi scrunch her eyebrows. "Who's Ted Bundy?"

"Did they seriously teach you nothing in that lab?" Dustin questioned the girl in disbelief. "Taught me how to use my powers." She shrugged.

"He's a super nice guy, but then murdering women on the weekend." Max informed the brunette making her look at the ginger girl weirdly.

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