chapter 21

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right now we're all on a bus going to the summer camp. everyone thinks we're going to have fun there but knowing UA i doubt it. "hey midobro, do you have like multiple quirks or is it just one" kirishima asked. he is one of the few people i could consider my friend at UA along with kaminari and shinso. "it's one quirk" i tell him getting a hum in response. "all right everyone out" aizawa ordered. 

we walked outside the bus and saw the wild, wild pussy cats but only mandalay and pixie bob were there. "the camp is at the base of the mountain, you should be able to get there before lunch" mandalay says. "let's get back to the bus" kirishima says nervously. but we didn't get the chance to get back to the bus because the whole class minus me because i moved out of the way, git launched off the side of the mountain.

i walk up to the ledge of the mountain and watch them fall. "that's a long way down". "how did you not get pushed off the mountain" pixie bob asked surprised. "i moved out of the way". "just go after them problem child" aizawa said. i let out a large sigh before jumping off the cliff. i landed on the ground and saw that the class was being attacked by giant dirt monsters. then i got the idea to try what kaminari said at the sports festival.

i start to channel hated memories making me get a dark aura as light pink flames surround me. i notice kaminari getting cornered by a monster, so i held up my hands and did finger guns to shoot multiple fireball like bullets at the monster tearing through it like it was nothing. kaminari looked at me with stars in his eyes "you did my idea, but i thought you said you could only do five to ten shots" he questioned.

"to make it simple, the angrier i am the more fire i can make" i explain. eventually we found kirishima and we teamed up to take out the monsters. they took out the smaller ones while i destroyed the bigger ones. I looked over and saw Mina was about to be crushed by a rock monster. I ran over and picked her up and quickly got out of the way as kirishima and kaminari destroyed the monster. 

I looked down and saw I was holding Mina bridal style and she was blushing. I started blushed to so I quickly set her down before no one could notice. After a while we all made it to the camp and everyone was hurting, well everyone except for me. It was almost sun set. I noticed there was a kid next to mandalay. I walked up to him and introduced my self. "Hi I'm akino midoriya, nice to meet you" I hold my hand out for him to shake. 

I notice him reeling back his arm. He tried to punch me but I coughs his fist. "You know, it's not nice to punch someone" I say in a cheerful tone. He looks a little shocked at first but scoffs before storming off. "We got food for everyone so eat up" pixie bob announces opening the doors to the camp building revealing the massive dining room to everyone. Everyone rushes in to eat while I slowly walk in with my hands in my pockets. Everyone except me began eating like wild animals.

After eating we all went to the hot springs in the back. I just sat off to the side and relaxed. "Hey midobro, why don't you join us. The waters nice" kirishima said. "You do realize that as soon as kaminari sneezes you'll all die". Soon after I said that they all got out. I'm pretty sure I ruined the fun some of them were having.

The best day we all had to start training. Sero was making as much tape as possible. Izumi was doing. Something. Shoto and shoka were sitting in pots of water making large amounts of ice or fire to regulate their body temperature. Katsumi and katsuki were sticking there hands in pots of boiling water then making large explosions. The training I was doing was I gave Hitoshi and hagakuri (someone please tell me how to spell it) 3 minutes  to hide so they could work on their stealth. Then I had to track them down like hide and seek. Then when I found both of them, they had 5 seconds to run away while I made the biggest explosion I could or the a super condensed explosion. One would level most of the forest while the other would knock everyone over.

A few days later just after sunset the wild wild pussy cats had a game for us. But the people who failed the final exam tests had to do more classes. We were doing a game called the test of courage where class 1-B would try and scare us as we walked along a path. Luckily I got paired up with Hitoshi. "So, do you think any of this is going to be scary" he asked me. "There going to have to try really hard if they want to" I said.

There was a few people dressed up as ghosts, another person acting like a zombie, and a few "dead" bodies hanging from vines but nothing special. After a while a black smoke rolled in. "This is new" Hitoshi said. I then heard screaming. I looked around and saw the forest was going on fire. "Follow me" I said before running towards the scream with Hitoshi behind me. The scream was on the other side of camp so we should be there in about five minutes. 'I wonder if Mina's ok' I thought before instantly shaking off the thought.

Then I heard a feminine voice yell "SMASH" before the mountain broke. I tackle Hitoshi out of the way of debris. "Not bad kid, if i wasn't careful I would have been knocked unconscious there" I heard a voice say. I rocket up to them with Hitoshi on my back. "Now you die kid" I quickly tackle Izumi out of the way of the attack.

I look over and see kota afraid and crying. "Hitoshi, get them out of here. I'll take care of this guy" I ordered him getting an ok in response. "You know, I don't like it wh-" I cut him off by setting an explosion off in his face. "You know, I don't like it when people talk to much in a fight" I say as the guy gets back up. Then I realized who he was, the villain Muscular. "Me too kid. NOW DIE" he yelled as he covered his arm in muscle fibers and tried to punch me. I side stepped the attack and held out my hand in front of his face and unleashed a tornado of purple flames.

When the flames died down I say he was covered in burns and unconscious. I looked over and saw a guy with red scaly wings, clawed hands, a tail, and fire and smoke coming out of his mouth. I blasted over to him and went right above him without him noticing. I quickly dropped down onto his back and unfolded my fangs. I bit down on the shoulder of his wing causing him to cry out in pain. The wing stopped moving and now we're plummeting towards the ground. He slashed me across the chest with his talons as we fell but I tore up his other wing.

Right before we hit the ground i got on top of him and make an explosion to launch him into the ground and cushion my fall. I landed on the ground safely and looked back and saw the guy standing up. "How have you not died yet" he questioned "the poison in my talons should have killed your by now". I chuckled "maybe it's because I don't want to die yet" I said before unleashing a massive explosion. "We have just learned that the villains attacking the camp are after a student named kacchan". mandalay said in my head using her quirk. "So they're after thotsuki" oni said. "Looks like it". Soon the poison started getting to me. I stumbled forward and used a tree for support. I heard Aizawa's footsteps coming towards me as I blacked out.



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