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"Come out, come out wherever you are."

IT WAS NIGHT NOW. Steve drove the car which everyone was sitting in until they came across the house. "That looks sketchy." Fiona whispered over to Max who nodded.

Steve pulled up right outside the house, and everyone got out immediately. The five walked up the stairs so they were standing in front of the door. Dustin rang the doorbell and unsurprisingly he got no response.

The boy began rapidly pressing the doorbell making Steve speak up. "Okay. Well, that's settled. I guess he's not here."

Dustin completely ignored him and started banging on the door instead. "Eddie! It's Dustin!"

"Great." Steve rolled his eyes at the young boy. "Look, I just wanna talk. No cops, I swear. We just wanna help!" Dustin spoke loudly, hoping that Eddie was hiding in the house.

The boy immediately began knocking on the door again. "Dustin, I'm pretty sure if he was here, he would've opened that door by now." Fiona told the boy making him groan.

Fiona watched as Robin and Max began looking through the window with their flashlights with furrowed brows. "Where did you guys get the flashlights from?" She asked as she looked down at her empty hands.

"Do we seriously need to tell you everything?" Steve responded, looking at her dumbfounded.

Dustin began ringing the doorbell, yet again. Obviously still not getting a response.

"Rick!" Dustin yelled this time, knocking on the door loudly. "Reefer Rick!"

"Don't scream that." Steve immediately told the boy as he looked around the place, making sure no one heard that just in case.

"I'm pretty sure he's not here." Fiona told the boy annoyingly as he continued knocking.

"Reefer Rick!" Dustin yelled getting a slight slap from Fi. "Stop yelling that!" Both Steve and Fiona yelled at the same time.

"He could just be really high." Dustin told them making the girl nod her head. "I wish I was really high."

Dustin shone his flashlight through the letterbox making Steve take a step back. "Is that a foot?"

"No, that's a shoe." Dustin turned to look at the brunette boy weirdly.

"Hey, guys?" Max yelled causing the rest of the group to turn their attention to her. Immediately, everyone began moving towards her realising she must have found something helpful.

It was another building.

"You think he's in there?" Fiona asked no one in particular as she stared at the building ahead of them. "Definitely." Robin told the girl.

The whole group immediately made their way over to the building finally having some hope that he was in there. Everyone shone their flashlights through the windows before making it to the door.

Robin walked in first, "Hello? Is anyone home?"

"Helloooo? Eddiee? Are you there? Come out, come out wherever you areee." Fiona spoke with a bit of a tune making Steve hit her shoulder gently gesturing for her to shut the fuck up.

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