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6 months later :

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6 months later :

it had been 6 months since Te'lani had left and moved to Atlanta.

she was settled into a new apartment and at a new nursing job.

all she missed was her cousin.

she still got text from Cece begging her to come back but she couldn't.

it was to soon and she really couldn't face Murda.

"hold on fat man" Te'lani mumbled putting a now 8 months Tru in his bouncer.

she walked towards the door and looked in the peephole.

it was covered so she looked through the ring camera and that was covered too.

"who tf..."

"open the fuck up!" Ju voice came through the door.

she swung it open and she mugged him "how'd you find me?"

"i'll tell you when you tell me why tf you left"


"damn you still ain't found her?" Melissa, Murda new girlfriend asked him

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"damn you still ain't found her?" Melissa, Murda new girlfriend asked him.

he had met Melissa while he was at the hospital looking for Te.

"nah man this shit fucked up I ain't seen my son in 6 months" Murda stressed.

he didn't know what happened he just knew Te'lani left the funeral and that was the last he heard from her.

he needed his son mainly.

it's been a long 6 months without Tru.

everybody missed him and Te.

"you gone find him just have faith" she kissed his cheek.

"i hope so" he mumbled hugging her.

"mama why i'm here wassup?" Tobias asked walking in.

"I want you to meet my new man" Jessie cheesed.

"who?" he mugged.

"hey brother" Jess walked out her room with her friends not to far behind.

he sent her a head nod and a tall man walked from around the corner.

him and Tobias looked each other up and down before breaking eye contact.

"who he?" Tobias questioned.

"this is Damion my new boyfriend"

"that's good that's why i'm here?" He staled faced her.

"no and I want us to have a dinner"

he sighed and walked over to the table so did everybody else.

Jessie started putting the food on the table and everybody made their plates.

"Murda you still ain't saw your son?" Brionna asked.

"bitch don't ask me no stupid shit like that" he kissed his teeth.

Brionna rolled her eyes putting her head down in embarrassment.

"that was a uncalled for question Bri" Jess told her.

"it was a genuine question I didn't know he would get upset. He need to control his babymama"

"girl chill" Taylin eyed her.

she didn't like where this was going.

"let her dumb ass talk" Murda shrugged.

"that's enough!" Damion loud voice boomed.

"nigga you don't pay shit in here stop yelling" Murda mugged him.

"this my girl house imma do what I want" Damion smirked.

"nah it's my house I bought it"

"ok that's enough calm down I just wanted a nice dinner shut up and eat!" Jessie yelled.

"girl stop yelling in my house" Murda ate his food.

"li nigg- calm down bae" Jessie grabbed Damion arm.

"i never met someone so disrespectful towards their mother" Tessa shook her head.

"where yo' brother at?" Murda looked her in her eyes.

she fell quiet and he laughed.

"who yo' brother?" Damion asked her.

"Jordan, you don't know him probably" Tessa shrugged.

"everybody know his pussy ass, he been put up foreal" Murda snickered.

"yo' babymama has too" Tessa rolled her eyes.

"my babymama ain't no pussy though, he ducking action" Murda nodded.

"yeah ok he never scared of you and yo' weak ass group y'all want beef with him so bad damn"

"he wanted beef we giving it to em, it's coo when we see em again we'll see em" Murda nodded.


"where Ju?" Rod asked Cece.

"idk he said he had to handle something and left, i didn't have time to even argue i'm tired shit" she mumbled.

Cece was 8 months now and was tired all the time.

she fell into depression after Te left and had just been closed off since she left.

her cousin missed half her pregnancy and she hated it.

"where Melissa at?" Wes asked letting the smoke escape his lips.

"she working right now" Murda answered grabbing the blunt.

"what y'all think of her though?"

"nun really she weird kinda" Cece shrugged.

"right like something off about her" Wes agreed.

"she coo but she be acting like Tru her damn son, talking about 'bae really miss my stepson' weird ass bitch" Rod said.

Murda turned his nose up and shook his head.

"tell that bitch watch her mouth" Cece huffed trying to stand to her feet.

"come on damn" Rod said helping her up.

"not to much on me this damn girl got me disabled". she frowned.

"girl go lay down how you even get down here?" Murda asked her.

"get out my damn house"

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