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same night 10:15 pm

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same night
10:15 pm

"so you still ain't gone talk?" Ju asked playing with Tru.

"ain't much to say" She shrugged.

"it is Cece 8 months pregnant stressing tryna figure out when you coming back" He mugged her.

this was the most serious she had seen Ju.

"pregnant? she didn't tell me she was pregnant" Te'lani mumbled.

"she was coming to then she saw you wasn't there, you don't do shit like that especially to her the fuck did you think a note was gone do for her ?" Ju snapped.

"Julian you don't understand why I left" Te'lani shook her head.

"that's why I came to understand why you left all of us and took my brother son"

Te'lani scoffed walking to her room.

"hmm" she handed him the folder.

Ju handed her Tru who was babbling.

"damn" Ju mumbled looking at the pictures.

"that's why I really left. you know I wouldn't leave her for nothing that's to much to handle"

"nah this ain't making sense he ain't had nothing but love for Mama B" Ju said.

all of the messages didn't sit right with him.

"well that shows different my mother died because of him" Te'lani shook her head.

"we gone figure this shit out but you gotta come back, Cece been depressed since you left"

Te'lani sighed, if she did go back she would have to stay away from Murda.

"i'll come back but I don't wanna be around Murda"

"what about his son?" Ju asked.

"he can see him but you have to be around!" she said sternly.

"ight Te but we gotta talk to em about this shit too" Ju told her.

"we will but not now, i'll go pack" Te said walking to her room.

"yo' mama really believed this shit?" Ju asked Tru who started smiling.


"you really think framing my son was the best idea ? why couldn't we use one of Tobias friends ?" Jessie questioned Damion.

Nobody knew except Jessie and Damion that she had another son.

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