Chapter 20 • Jealousy

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

"Ares are you serious? This shit is crazy! You can't just kill her without saying a word or even making sure she was the one responsible for all the damages" I snapped at my stupid brother who just killed the heiress of the French Mafia.

It turns out that the Solace twins were the heirs of the French Mafia since their mother is married to the French Mafia leader, and Ares is surely fucked up now.

"It's funny that you think that I would even give a fuck about them" He scoffs.

I love Ares but he is such an arrogant bastard, he has the power and he knows he is worthy as fuck. He loves being the boss and he damn knows nothing can say a single no to him or disobey his demands.

I don't even know from where did he get this arrogance. Like he is so arrogant to the level where it gives me a headache.

"If Mama knew you will be fucked up Ares" I stated as I leaned forward to take the cup of coffee in between my fingers, "And that's exactly why she shouldn't know" He mutters and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I love you and all but what you did is selfish and irresponsible" I state and he rolls his eyes before taking a sip of his coffee, "I'm aware of that" He sighs.

"And here you are drinking coffee like you didn't do anything" I chuckled at his annoyed face, "What do you want me to do? I don't regret it and I will surely do it again" I slap my forehead with my hand, knowing there is no use in this whole conversation.

"So how are you and Sebastian?" He asks and I sighed, "We are trying to work things out" My eyes flicker from my coffee cup to the street in front of us.

"And your daughter? Sandro told me everything" He looks down at the coffee cup and clenches his jaw, "If I just knew who they are, I will make them regret the day they met Matteo" He grits.

"She is okay, I really want you guys to meet her but I know she needs time" I sighed, "That's okay, just don't pressure her or stress her ou–" Ares got cut off by a bullet being shot right past his head.

The bullet hit the glass windows behind him, fuck. If he didn't lean into his seat in that one second he would have a bullet in between his eyes.

"Get under the table" He states and I could see his eyes filled with rage as he scanned the place, the people around us started running and panicking but Ares didn't do anything except take his gun out of his waistband.

"I knew you were coming" He mutters under his breath as his eyes narrow, his gaze is now on the roofs of the buildings.

He takes his phone out and calls, "Search the buildings, she is here somewhere. Rosa is with me and I need to take her back to make sure she is safe" He demands before ending the call.

"Let's go" He takes my hand in his and wraps his arm around me as he leads me to his car, he opens the door for me and I entered, taking a seat in the passenger seat.

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