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"Don't run," His whispering voice sent shivers down her spine. "The fun has only just begun."

"NO!" Jiwoo screamed as her hair continued to be pulled by him, she stumbled backwards.

Sunghoon let go of Jiwoo and gave Jay a push, a weak one, because he wasn't strong enough yet. Jay chuckled. "That helped," He said sarcastically as he gave another hard pull on Jiwoo's hair.

She fell backwards onto the ground, straight onto her back. The back of her head hit the ground. She groaned in pain as she quickly rubbed the back of her head.

"Let her go," Sunghoon said softly with tears in his eyes. His voice cracked. "Let. Her. Go."

Jay could do nothing but roll his eyes in stupidity.  "It's not like I'm going to kill her or anything," he said with a sweet smile as he took a step forward to stand in front of Jiwoo, turned around and crouched until he was finally on his knees. He bent over Jiwoo.

Jiwoo breathed hard into his face a few times, she was out of breath. She gave him an angry look.

Jay chuckled and turned his head to Sunghoon. He smirked. "Or maybe I'm going to kill her anyway."

Within a second, Jay turned his head again and firmly grabbed Jiwoo's throat with both hands. The girl gasped for breath.

Sunghoon was startled and looked around the room. His hands began to shake from fear. He bent over Jay. He wrapped his arms around Jay's body and tried to pull him away from Jiwoo. "You're crazy!" Sunghoon screamed loudly.

"I know," Jay replied.

Jiwoo tried to push him off her by putting her hands on his chest. She also kicked him a few times, but nothing seemed to work.

He was too strong.

Will this be her death?

She hasn't even been able to be with Sunghoon for long since she returned to the city after going through an intense period. She already had to be waited on right away, watch her best friend die in front of her, and now she herself was suffering from the fact that she was now going to die.

This guy is a deranged psychopath and no one can help him anymore. Once he's turned, he can't stop and he'll never be able to stop.

Jiwoo her vision slowly became blurry and she rolled her eyes backwards. She was getting almost no air and she felt that the end was near.

"S-sunghoon..." Jiwoo said. She just barely got the words out of her throat, but with a stutter and a faint voice.

Sunghoon looked at Jiwoo and saw that her face was slowly turning paler. He looked around the room and saw the scissors lying right behind Jiwoo.

The scissors she had used to stab Jay in the back.

He ran over to the scissors, picked them up and pointed them at Jay. "Now let her go!"

Jay looked up at Sunghoon and smiled. Slowly, he let go of Jiwoo. He made an explosive gesture with both hands. "Wow! How scared I am," He said with a smile.

Jiwoo began to cough violently and quickly gasped for breath.

"You're not funny!" Sunghoon shouted. "Just wait until the police come to arrest you!"

"As if I'm afraid of the police."

"S-Sunghoon," Jiwoo whispered softly. She felt her whole body become weak and her eyes became too heavy to keep open.

"Well, you should be!" Sunghoon replied, not hearing Jiwoo.

Jay looked down at Jiwoo, who slowly closed her eyes. A smile appeared on the psychopath's face as he grabbed her wrist and felt her pulse. He pointed at her, causing Sunghoon's attention to go to her as well.

"I think she's dead," Jay said, but then shot into laughter. He stood up and smiled with his teeth bared. He spun around in place and jumped into the air at the same time. "She's dead!" He exclaimed happily. "Finally! I win!"

Sunghoon collapsed to his knees as a river of tears rolled down his cheeks. He crawled over to Jiwoo, sobbing. He grabbed her, tightly and hugged her. He turned his head to Jay.

Sirens sounded in the distance. Police and ambulance. Two people dead, a killer and the occupant of the house.

The neighbors must have heard or seen something and then called the police.

Jay stopped spinning after hearing the sirens and looked at Sunghoon. Both made eye contact.

Friends to enemies. The relationship we love.

"And you... You lose."


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