Chapter 19: The Devil known as Lila

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Lila was at home getting ready to go to the jewelry viewing and as she was getting ready her mother walks into her room.

"Honey you look lovely." She complimented her as she kissed her head.

"Thank you mom, oh by the way can I have another 10,000 euros?"

Maria looked at her odd and asked, "Didn't I give you 10 grand yesterday?"

Lila mustered up her best smile and said, "Yea but I donated those to charity, I thought that those poor children would need it more than I do."

Maria cooed as she hugged her daughter, "Aw my daughter is so sweet, I'll transfer you another 10 grand right away."

"Thank you, mommy you're the best."

"You're welcome honey, you should probably get going, you don't want to be late now do you." Lila nodded and left their apartment.

When she got there, she noticed that security had been tightened though she noticed that some of the guards were wearing a different badge. She kept her head down to avoid them from seeing her face. Arriving to security check she gave them her invitation but as she was about to enter the security blocked her.

Lila looked confused and asked, "I'm sorry could you please let me through."

The security shook his head, "Lila Rossi?"


"We have been informed that you have been uninvited to today's and the rest of the week's event."

Lila was shocked, she then explains, "I'm Lila Rossi Gabriel's muse, you can't treat me like this."

A lady then stated, "Ah so you're Lila Rossi, haven't you seen the news?"

"What are you talking about?"

"What she means is Ms. Rossi, is that you have been fire from Gabriel." A voice said from behind them.

Lila turned around and saw that it was Nathalie, she nervously laughed and said, "Ha ha very funny Nathalie."

"It is not a joke you have been fired by Mr. Agreste himself after yesterday's awful performance" She informed the Italian.

"But- but-."

"Security please escort Ms. Rossi out."

The security grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her out as she protested stating that she was supposed to be there and that she belonged there."

Once Lila was out she noticed something from a far. It was Sakura, she was stepping out of a limo in all her glory though there was something different about her, she seemed more serious than usual. Chloe the followed suit with a man in black suit.

For some reason she had a dreaded feeling in her gut as though something was going to happen to her. Something was urging her to stop that man from entering with the event with Chloe and Sakura.

Her thoughts were filled with what if's, what if she knew she was the one that hired Ramond, what if she knew she was the one who hired Simon to kill Ramond, Sasuke's mansion was initially a secret did they know that she was the one who hired a private investigator. She had to go inside one way or another to find out what they were up to.

As she was about to go in a voice greeted her, "Lila! What are you doing here?"

Lila turned around as saw that it was Alya, she inwardly cursed, 'Shit why does she have to be here of all times.'

"Alya, hey, what are you doing here?"

Alya just smirked, "Just taking a walk." Alya then pointed to the event and asked, "Shouldn't you be in there."

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