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"Well, maybe Vecna made the dinosaurs go extinct."

ALL OF THE GROUP MINUS Nancy and Robin had moved locations to the Wheeler basement. Max was busy writing some things which she would not show the group whereas everyone else were busy reading stuff about the Victor Creel family murder.

"Okay guys, be honest, do you guys understand any of this?" Steve asked, looking down at the article which was sat in his hands.

"No." Lucas and Fiona both replied at the same time. "It's pretty straightforward." Dustin told the three making Fiona scoff. "Straightforward?"

"Oh, straightforward really?" Steve asked now looking at the boy. "What's confusing to you?" Dustin asked the three.

"Literally, everything." Fiona told the boy as she threw the article down on the floor by her feet.

"So far, everyone Vecna has cursed has died, except for this old Victor Creel dude Nancy found." Dustin told them making Fiona look at him with a fake shocked expression. "No way, really? It's not like we already knew that." Fiona mumbled making Dustin turn to look at her.

"Why are you so negative?" Dustin questioned the girl. "It's a bit hard to be positive in a situation like this." She told him with a forced grin.

"Victor Creel is the only known survivor. If anyone knows how to beat the curse, it's him." The curly-headed boy continued with what he was saying.

"That's assuming he had the curse, which we don't even know." Steve informed the Henderson boy with a sigh making Dustin stop talking.

"How can Vecna have existed in the '50s? It doesn't make sense." Steve told them, rubbing his head with his hand.

"Well, maybe somebody had some issues, killed their family, created the Upside Down, became Vecna and ever since then cursed people." Fiona shrugged as she picked up the article which was previously thrown onto the floor.

"Far as we know, Eleven didn't create the Upside Down. She opened a gate to it. The Upside Down has probably been around for thousands of years. Millions." Dustin told the group, making them stop reading as they paid attention to him.

"Well, maybe Vecna made the dinosaurs go extinct." Fiona mumbled, laying down on the couch which she was sitting on.

"Dinosaurs?" Steve questioned the girl, looking at her oddly. "Yes, Steve, dinosaurs." She confirmed.

"Okay. But if a gate didn't exist in the '50s, how did Vecna get through?" Lucas questioned. "Maybe he existed on earth then." Fiona suggested.

"And how is he getting through now?" Steve then questioned which was followed by another question from Lucas. "And why now?"

"And why then? Just pops out in the '50s, kills one family and he's like, "I'm good." And poof he just disappears. Just...gone?" Steve rambled, "Only to return 30 years later and starts killing random teens? No, I don't buy it."

"Straightforward my ass. Honestly, Henderson, a little humility now and then, wouldn't hurt you." Steve told the boy, Fiona slightly nodding.

"Sorry." Dustin apologised as Steve sat down at the end of the couch Fiona was currently laying on.

"Any idea what she's writing?" Dustin asked no one in particular making Fiona sit back up and look over at the ginger girl. "Did she sleep?" Fi asked the group in concern.

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