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Taymor Pov Long Beach, California Same day, Friday 4:34 pm

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Same day, Friday
4:34 pm


Dayvon pulled up in the driveway seeing Kentrell sitting on the porch with his head down, " You betta say sorry to him when we get up there" Dayvon looked at Taymor, who eyes was red from crying the whole way home.

Taymor nodded, getting out of the car, slamming the door hard enough for Kentrell to hear, making him lift his head up then putting it back down when he saw who it was.

Taymor eyes filled with tears when he saw Kentrell eyes all puffy, Taymor rushed to Kentrell holding him tight, as Kentrell was confused on what was going on, "I'm sorry I swear I won't hit you no more I was just angry" Taymor hugged Kentrell, inhaling his scent.

"That's not how it works Taymor, you can't just do some shit then when you hurt people feelings, you feel bad and cry then apologize, you gotta learn the shit you do and say is not a joke, if I would've hit you back I would've been wrong right?" Kentrell explained to the boy that was hugging him tightly, and sniffling in his arms.

"S-so you forgive m-me" Taymor sniffed, digging his head deeper into Kentrell's neck, feeling comfortable with the smell his was getting from Kentrell.

"No, I'll think about it but I'm not mad at you, plus you have to think about what you did to" Kentrell stated, rubbing Taymor's back while he cried harder than before.

In Taymor's mind he just wanted Kentrell to forgive him, looking pass everything he did without realizing that his actions had an impact on Kentrell and Dayvon, mostly Dayvon because he never saw Kentrell cry over something like this before.

"Shh, stop crying Ima think about it" Kentrell smiled, knowing he would've accepted his apology but he had to let him know not everything goes his way.

Taymor sniffed and hiccuped, wetting Kentrell's shirt with his tears, " Let's go in the house get up for me real quick" Kentrell tapped Taymor back, and he immediately shook his head 'no'.

Kentrell looked at Dayvon, signaling him to get Taymor off of him so he can get up.

Dayvon softly grabbed, Taymor lifting him up with ease as he fought, trying to get back in Kentrell's arm, " Stop let him be he'll forgive you when he ready" Dayvon said, walking up the step, following in behind Kentrell.

Taymor on the other hand calm down a bit, but not before latching his self on to Dayvon's body while he carried him, " You swear up and down you a bad bitch but look at you now acting like a baby" Dayvon laughed, walking into the house once Kentrell unlocked the door.

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