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Taymor's PovLong Beach, California Next day, Sunday 8:55 am

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Taymor's Pov
Long Beach, California
Next day, Sunday
8:55 am


After Taymor passed out from their little session, they took him upstairs and cleaned him up with a warm rag, laying him down in the bed next to Fluffy, and he didn't wake up till the next day.

"You didn't even fill up the fridge" Kentrell told Dayvon who was complaining about how it no food in the house.

"It was your turn to fill it up the fuck you talkin' about" Dayvon furrowed his eyebrows together, looking at Kentrell.

"No it wasn-"

"Dawg let's just go to Walmart and stop arguing" Taymor said , coming from up stairs, wearing a brown short cropped shirt, with skin tight black shorts, that showed off his curves and plumped his butt.

"I'm not going, go with that long neck bitch over there" Kentrell sassed, annoyed with Dayvon.

"Ion care who going just come on" Taymor slid on his flip flops.

Taymor made his way out the door, forgetting he don't have a car yet.

"Why he acting like he drive us there or some shit" Dayvon asked, in a confused tone.

"Don't talk to me" Kentrell snapped, turning up the volume on Tv  as he sat on the couch.

"Man whatever bye lil daddy" Dayvon pecked Kentrell's forehead before running out the front door.


"Grab a buggy" Taymor told Dayvon, once they walked in.

"I ain't yo child" Dayvon mumbled, jogging over to the buggies, grabbing the nearest one to him.

"You paying right" Taymor asked, knowing he about to fill the basket.

"Yeah we big money over here" Dayvon stated, pushing the cart down a aisle that Taymor was walking in.

"You like kool-aid?" Taymor turned to Dayvon with six packs of Kool-Aid.

"Who doesn't" Dayvon shrugged.

" I was just asking bitch" Taymor tossed the packs in the cart, walking away to a different aisle.

"Can we get some of those" Taymor pointed to the pop tarts.

"Get what you want" Dayvon said, not paying any attention to him.

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