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  Taymor Pov Long Beach, California Next day, Monday 2:34  pm

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Next day, Monday
2:34 pm


"Nick stop go sit yo ass down" Taymor spat, pushing Nick's head from his arm as he tried to bite him.

"We needa mark each other hoe" Nick mumbled, grabbing Taymor arm again, taking a quick bite.

Taymor yell out, making the teacher look his way with a confused look on his face, "Are you ok Taymor?" The teacher asked.

"No this nigga think he in vampire diaries or some shit" Taymor rubbed the bite mark on his arm, turning a bit red, "See now it's infected with yo dick sucking ass mouth" Taymor shoved his arm in Nick's face.

"I don't even suck dick" Nick lied, pushing Taymor's arm back.

"Would y'all shut it down back there" The teacher raised his voice a bit, trying to over speak the two boys.

"I just got bit by a light skinned rat and you telling me to shut the fuck up??" Taymor gasped dramatically, holding his chest as he did so.

"I ain't no rat with ya dry ass booty hole" Nick rolled his eyes, not thinking about what came out his mouth.

"Nigga what the fuck is you talking about?" Taymor scrunched up his face, looking at Nick with a weird face.

"Alright that's enough can y'all please remove yourselves from my class" The man said, stopping the video that played on the screen.

"We been wanting to get out this stank booty ass class anyways, we got Bobby brown number 2 in the back snorting baby powder but we gotta get out??" Taymor stood up.

"It's not even baby powder" The boy replied to Taymor little comment about him, before he start blowing his nose.

"Shut the fuck up you coc fiend" Taymor spat, walking out the class room door.


"What you doing in the hallways baby?" Dayvon asked, as he seen Taymor and Nick walking in his path.

"Nick got us kicked out cause he wanna be on his play boy carti shit" Taymor replied, approaching Dayvon.

"Boy you over doing it, you acting like I bit you and tried to suck ya blood" Nick shoved Taymor, before running off.

"YEAH GO FIND SOME DICK TO SUCK YOU WHORE" Taymor shouted at an laughing Nick.

"YA PAPPY A WHORE" Nick stuck up his middle finger.

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