An Accident

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A/n: so certain parts of this were inspired by the song Friends to Lovers by Melina KB. Idk if I like this actually so if it disappears tomorrow y'all know why.

Warnings: swearing, cheating, Carol being a bitch, messy timeline oops, ooc steve

Word Count 1.2k

Enjoy lol
You walked down the halls of Hawkins High. Everyone was staring at you, you were confused. You rushed to the bathroom, maybe you had something on your face.

After going over your outfit and checking your face, you decided you were in the clear and you made your way towards the exit. That's when Carol walked in, usually she wouldn't pay attention to you so, in hopes of being ignored by her once again you ducked your head down and tried to leave.

"Not so fast, Y/n." God, she sounded like a movie villain sometimes. You halted your steps and turned around.

"What do you want Carol?" You huffed out an agitated sigh.

"I just was wondering how it felt to be the third wheel in your relationship?" You furrowed your brows in confusion and she started to laugh at you.

"What? What are you talking about?" You were feeling more upset by the minute.

"Oh, it's nothing. I just noticed that Steve and Nancy seemed pretty close lately. Now that I think about it, Steve had a pretty nasty bruise on his neck." Carol left you there in the bathroom, confused and slightly hurt.

You walked toward your locker, Steve usually meets you there in the mornings. You were maybe 2 feet away from the scene in front of you. Steve was barely hovering over Nancy, their noses nearly touching.

You walked over to them, Nancy seemed to notice you coming, once again your head was down and you were pretended not to see them. Nancy stood up straight and tapped Steve on the shoulder. They separated quickly and Steve enveloped you in a hug once you were close enough.

"Hey Y/n!" Nancy greeted you warmly as if she wasn't all over your boyfriend 2 seconds ago. You smiled at her.

You tried to discreetly look her over. She was wear a scarf today which would seem normal except that it was September and like 72 degrees outside. You turned to look at Steve, and even though the collar on his shirt was higher than he normally liked, you could see a faint rounded purple mark on his neck. You were hoping that Carol was just fucking with you but, now you were starting to believe her.

Steve kissed your forehead and started walking you to class. You had your first 2 periods together. You wanted to trust Nancy, you thought you guys were friends but, who does something like that to their friend? You didn't want to seem paranoid or have Steve think you were crazy.

Steve was supposed to be at your place tonight. You wanted to cancel on him but, you didn't want to give him another reason to run off to her. That led you to sitting on your bed and him across from you trying to help you study for finals. He could tell that something was bothering you. The air in your room felt tense.

"Hey, is everything okay? It's just that you've been kinda on edge all day." You rolled your eyes at him.

"I'm fine." Your words tasted bitter. He could tell that you were definitely not fine, he reached over to rub your hand gently and he craned his neck to look in your eyes. When he did that his shirt collar drooped down a bit and that's when you saw the purple hickey on his neck.

"What the fuck is on your neck?" Steve's eyes widened and he pretended to look confused.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He rubbed his neck and checked his hand as if he wiped something off. He showed you his clean hand as if to prove there was nothing there. You got up and grabbed a compact mirror off your dresser and handed it to Steve. He looked at it and then he looked at you.

"Oh.. um I was cooking and when I went to reach something off the shelf it fell and hit me." You were in disbelief at his lame ass excuse.

"It hit you? In the neck?" He looked panicked now.

"Yeah. It was one of those heavy black pans."

"Oh my god, that makes so much sense now!" You were faking that you were relieved and obviously Steve bought it and he let out his own sigh of relief.

"See, I thought I was going fucking crazy. Because, I thought it was a hickey from Nancy fucking Wheeler. I know it wouldn't be from me since I called you to do the same thing last night but, you said you were with 'some friends'." Steve looked like he was gonna puke. He was so caught off guard by your sudden anger and by the fact that you had caught him red-handed.

"You only have like 8 fucking friends and half of them are 13 so, you weren't with me and I bet if I called Dustin right now he would say you weren't with him or the party. So that makes me think you were with Nancy. Tell me I'm wrong, I fucking dare you." Steve couldn't even look at you. You knew you were right but, you just didn't wanna believe it.

"How'd you find out?" You couldn't believe him. No apology, he didn't even try to lie to cover his own ass.

"Fucking Carol told me. Carol of all people. I didn't want to believe her but, then I saw you guys by my locker this morning and I knew it had to be true." The tears in your eyes were threatening to spill out.

"Look, Y/n, I'm sorry okay? It was an accident!" You truly couldn't believe him right now.

"An accident? Did she trip with her mouth open and end up making out with you or something?" Steve looked away from you, he knew that this was over and he was trying his best to save himself. The tears finally spilled.

"Get out now!" You pointed your finger towards your door. He tried to get closer to you but, you flinched and then he got the hint.

You didn't see him outside of school for like 3 months. After 3 months, you managed to go on dates and you found comfort in another boy and new friends at school. You had been actively avoiding going to Scoops Ahoy! whenever you saw Steve there.

You only went with your boyfriend and if the girl with the short hair was working. The party had all wondered what happened between you and Steve. You didn't have the heart to tell them, especially Dustin, what he had done to you. Max, Dustin, Mike and Lucas all ended staying in contact with you during school. It would've been hard not considering you were now dating the leader of the Hellfire club. Since, he lived so close to Max and he could actually tolerate her, you saw her often and would visit her after you were leaving Eddie's.

Max was the only one from that group that you felt like you could trust and so when she asked, you spilled your guts. It felt nice to finally tell someone what happened. After telling Max, El had began writing letters to you and you then found out that Joyce had to explain to her what cheating on someone meant. You reassured both girls that you were fine and that you were happy.

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