Chapter 2 Shiny Alola Surprise

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No one's POV

It's the next day, and after having breakfast with Ash and Kukui, Kukui told Nhazul the location of the Pokémon school. Going on ahead of Ash, Nhazul and Eevee started walking down the path, when Eevee noticed someone on the beach.

Eevee: Eevee!

Nhazul: Hmm?

Nhazul looked in the direction of where Eevee was looking and saw Lana with her Popplio, as it was blowing large bubbles.

Nhazul: It's Lana, right?

Lana looked up surprised, seeing Nhazul and Eevee walking up.

Lana: Oh, Nhazul. Alola.

Nhazul: What were two doing?

Lana: We're practicing making big balloons . This is our spot.

Nhazul: "Your spot"?

Lana: Yeah. This is where I met Popplio. Popplio was being bullied. She was completely exhausted. It had been deeply hurt and I didn't want it to grow to hate humans. So I chose it as my partner.

Nhazul looked down at Eevee and Popplio playing together, listening to Lana speak.

Nhazul: I see. It reminds me of how I met Eevee.

Lana: Really?

Nhazul: Yeah... Eevee helped me get through some things. Hell, she still is...

Lana: Did something happen?

Nhazul didn't say anything and looked down saddened.

Nhazul: I'd rather not say...

Lana: Oh, I'm sorry...

Nhazul: No, it's fine. Why are you two tying to make big balloons anyway?

Lana: To ride inside of it.

Nhazul: Inside?

Lana: I have a dream. I want to enter a gigantic balloon, and go into the sea...Go anywhere and everywhere... If I do that, I'm sure I can meet some deep sea Pokémon nobody has ever seen before.

Nhazul: I see, that's a nice dream to have.

Lana: What about you? Do you have any dreams?

Nhazul: I do. And I have to make it come true. No matter what it takes...

Lana looked at Nhazul and saw how serious and determined he looked, before she realized how late it was.

Lana: Oh no, I didn't realize how late it was, we need to get to school.

Nhazul: You mean, you. I technically don't go there. I'm just visiting.

Lana looked at Nhazul pouting, before she grabbed his arm and started dragging him.

Lana: Don't be a spoil sport, come on. You'll miss it.

Nhazul looked at Lana confused.

Nhazul: Miss it?


As Lana led Nhazul to the Pokémon school, suddenly he's met by multiple party poppers and confetti, confusing him.

Everyone: Alola Surprise!

Nhazul: Huh? Surprise?

Eevee: Vee?

Mallow: It's about time you got here.

Mallow looked at Lana and smirked.

Lana: What?

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