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"What?! Are you gonna tell my parents?!"


"You know it's not like that! I was just getting the information out of them!" Caide spat but you turned the other way.
"Well I hope you got what you wanted.." you said softly and he wrapped his arms around you from behind.
"Don't be like that.."
"Caide you act like.. nevermind.."

You could hear the upsetness in his voice form, "You know I care. I'm trying to save us"
"I know, I know.."
"Now will you tell me please what happened" he almost begged in your ear but you were hesitant.
"You're just gonna get upset.."
"So it was something!" Caide said angrily.

He pulled out an empty talisman and you looked at him confused.

"I'm gonna kill him.."
"What?! He's already dead!! You can't and it's fine! I really like Lance he's cool!"
"In that case I'll bind him to eternal torture.." Caide wrapped the talisman around his hand and started chanting something, "Wait you said you like him?"
"Not like that! As a friend he's really nice!"
"What?!" He yelled stopping the spell and you looked to the side.
"Caide stop it.. It's okay"


Damon's car pulled up and you gave Caide a look to be nice.
He let down the car window with his iconic smirk and narrowed eyes.

"Y/n!!! Sit in the front with me! I missed you~" he teased and you giggled as you hopped in the front.

Caide had a scowl as he hopped in the back and you could almost feel his irritated aura.

"So you can't answer the phone but you can answer when she cuts her hand open?" Caide remarked with an attitude and Lance grabbed your hand.
"I couldn't get to the phone. You know how busy I am with modeling and teaching.."
His tongue grew long and he licked your wound clean of blood, "Speaking of teaching! You missed school today! But that's okay.. I forgive you"

You laughed and Caide glared at you.

"We need the book" you told him and Lance nodded as he started driving to his place.

The car ride was silent for the most part and you preferred it that way.

"So Damon.. why'd you decide to help Y/n? What'd she do in return?" Caide suddenly asked and you looked at Lance who was as surprised as you.
"She hasn't told you?"
"No.. so that's why I'm asking you"
"I think you should respect her decision to not tell you. It's only right you do so" Lance lectured and Caide scoffed.

A smirk appeared on Lances face.

"Although she was enjoying it.. her face was flustered from the alcohol but she loved the way I was giving her pecks of kisses~"
"Lance!!" you yelled shocked and looked back at Caide who was baffled.
"You did what with him?! Just for him to bring me back?!" he started getting more and more aggressive.
"No!! No! We didn't do anything sexual he just made it sound that way!" you flipped around in your seat while you were at a red light.
"Hey sit back in your chair Y/n!"
"Caide believe me, go on Lance tell him!" you plead.
"I will once you sit back in your seat!" Damon demanded as a car beeped behind you.

Caide wasn't hearing it, he was as stubborn as usual but you weren't about to prove anything to him.
Either he believed you or not.

"Caide you asshole!! You're waisting your time being mad at me! Either you believe me or you don't!" you began crawling to the back seat with him and he turned his head quickly.
"Get back in your seat!! Put your seatbelt on, it's dangerous!" he yelled but you ignored him.
"Oh? So you're worried about me? Just admit you love me already!!" you yelled.
"Stop the immaturity Y/n!!"

You were almost in the back with Caide but felt a jolt like never before.
It was almost like it happened in slow motion?
There was a large crash and Lance yelled as he tried to cover you with his arm.
Glass broke and your head his something hard.

Before you knew it, it was dark.

Were you dead?

"Ouch.." you held your head but looked around to no car wreck. "What?"

The sky was amber.
The clouds were lip up with orange as the sun froze in place with almost a red tint. You were infront of the old school and you looked down at your uniform.

A navy blue just like Vices.
The skirt was way longer than your original uniform.

What the? What's going on?

You ran inside the school and the bell rung. Student started flooding into the halls and you ran in a bathroom.
You looked in the mirror and you were you.

Except your hair was styled differently and put up. It had a navy ribbon it it.

Is this apart of the uniform? Cute..

A girl walked out a stall.
"Woah.. I've never see you before. You're so pretty, let's be friends!" she smiled but then thought for a moment, "Actually.. let's be friends tomorrow! I have something to take care of after school"
"What's that?" you asked and the girls expression grew.. scary? Mischievous?
"We're going to prank that sweet dork Vincent! Have you seen what he's been doing to Kian? Yet he still tried to be nice! We know he has a crush on me.. it should be easy. He'll learn his lesson.." she began putting on lipgloss.


"That sounds like so much fun! Can I come?" you asked and she hesitated.
"Well.. I don't know how Kian would like that but you can ask him on the roof right now"
"Huh? Isn't everyone going home? It's late.."
"What are you talking about silly girl? The day just started.."


"Uh oh.. late for class again" she sighed and left the bathroom.
You looked in the mirror again.

"What's going on? How did I go back in time 17 years? Am I hallucinating?"

To be continued.

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