14: those damn rolls

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it has been just 12 hours since the teens were in la and gianna was sick of it. everytime she would walk in a room she would see the couple laughing or cuddling. it would make her sick to her stomach. literally, she puked at least two times in the last 12 hours.

as of right now, the coleman girl was faced down a toilet with her sister by her side rubbing her back.

"you sure that you're okay?" she spoke.

"yeah. i just need to stay the fuck away from those delicious sushi rolls" she lied. "tho i think i'm okay now. thanks for helping me" she got up to wash her face.

"anytime small human" indiana said before walking out of the bathroom.

as she hears the door close, she started to cry. and she's sure it wasn't the "sushi rolls" causing this breakdown. before anyone could hear her, she wiped off the tears and washed her face. she walked out the room and joined the others in the living room.

"there you are" logan greeted her patting the empty spot next to him. "where were you?"


"why? was it the rolls?"

"yep. those damn rolls" she faked laughed.

"well since you were taking too long, we chose the show without you" nick told.

"that's okay. what's the show?"

"the summer i turned pretty" he read off the screen.

"omg i've heard about that show on tiktok. jeremaiah and conrad are so handsome. whoever picked it is getting a bear hug" she stated.

"shockingly the person who chose it was chris"

the girl ran up her seat and did what she had said previously. she wrapped her arms around his neck and burried her head into his chest. he hesitated before wrapping his arms around her waist. any skin contact she would have with chris would make her feel like she's in another world. a world where she and chris were together. where they were  the happiest they could ever be. he was hers and she was his. where she felt like home. chris felt like home to her. she could stay in his arms for eternity if she could. she wanted this moment to last.

"i'm sorry to interrupt this very special moment but we have a show to watch" tate said.

"right" they both mumbled.

the girl got up and sat back next to her best friend as chris places his arm around madison.

nick sighed before turning his attention back to the tv and started the show.

after five hours of crying and laughing, they decided to play a game of truth or dare.

"who's starting us off?" madi asked.

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