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《Bestfriends Brother》

LaMelo BallJanuary 13th, 2018Chino Hills, California

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LaMelo Ball
January 13th, 2018
Chino Hills, California


"Melo Lets Go!" My dad yelled from outside. We were about to leave for Lithuania. I dragged my suitcase downstairs and outside, where it was loaded into Zo's car.

From the corner if my eyes, I saw Gelo talking to Manda. "Wifeyyy!" I yelled jogging over to her. When I reached her I received a smack right on the back of my neck.

"Amanda- Whyyy" I whined, shooting a glare at Gelo who laughed. "Melo... I'm 20 almost 21" I shrugged and pulled her into a hug. "Age ain't noting but a number"

She pushed me away and I laughed. "G get ya brother, he over here quoting Aaliyah" Gelo looked at me and I backed up behind Amanda. "Visit me please?" I asked knowing it was time for us to go.

"I'll visit you Mel" she pulled me into a hug and I excepted. I took in the smell of her usual sugar cookie perfume, and released from the hug. "Imma miss you and Deuce." I whispered,  so only she could hear. "We'll miss you too."

I got in the car and looked at her through the window. She waved at me as the car drove off. I sighed, turning away from the window. "Awww lil bro in his feelings"

Gelo looked back from the front and I flipped him off. "Fuck you" I pulled my hood up and closed my eyes, preparing for this 30 minute drive to the aiport.

"Just wake me up when we get to the airport"


"Flight 473, Now landing in Lithuania" I gathered my stuff together as the ride came to an end. As soon as we stepped off the plane, I felt a cold gush of wind.

"Its cold as shit over here" I through on my hoodie and followed my dad to the baggage claim. "What's the time difference for here and Chino?

Gelo asked Dad and he checked his phone. "Lithuania is 10 hours ahead" My eyes widened. "10 HOURS!?" A couple of heads turned towards us and my dad shot me a glare.

"Shush and yes" we left at like 8am on the 13th in Cali. The flight was 13 hours and 10 minutes. So it about 9pm over in Cali meaning... Its 7am on the 14th here...

"Dad its like 9pm yesterday over there" I shook my head and started to text Manda.


Future Wifey😫

We Made it.

Thats good, what's the time

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