15: Lilith

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"Hell no! Absolutely fucking not."

"Language~" Moon sang from the kitchen , I snapped my head towards his direction a stupid smug grin plastered his face as he lent against the counter helping himself to my coffee. Sun was giggling on the couch, mouth stuffed with his breakfast. I stood clenching the bundle of fabric so tightly my knuckles were white, a stark contrast to my reddened face.

"You honestly can be serious, this is ridiculous! I'm not wearing this." I complained.

"You have to, after all you did lose the bet!" Moon said, shrugging.

"Awww come on Y/N! You'll look so cute in it!" Sun bounced up from the couch grabbing the cat ears from the bag and roughly shoving them onto my head making me hiss in pain as I swatted his hands away glaring at him.

"Were did you even get this stupid outfit from?"

"There is a costume room down by the service area." Sun said from the sink while washing his dishes.

"Most of the outfits are for the yearly Halloween celebration or for the themed birthdays." Moon noted before chugging down the rest of his drink and crossing over grabbing my shoulders, " Now go change."

I groaned rolling my eyes before not so quietly shutting the bathroom door in protest. I yanked on the ruffled dress glaring at the outfit before shaking my head. Though I had to admit it was better than the embarrassing uniform I wore on a daily bases and at least the skirt went down to just above my knee so stockings were not a necessity though I most likely still wear them.

"Y/N!!!! you're so cute!!" Shouted Sun before he pulled me in a death grip of a hug. I gave Sun the double tap of mercy thankful for him to finally let me go.

"Come on, you dummies, we are going to be late." I muttered bitterly, grabbing a light sweater from the rack before ushering them out of the room and locking the door behind us. Sun bounded ahead without much care when Moon snaked his arms around my waist.

"You look really cute little star." He whispered in my ear making furious blush spreading across my face. I shot him a glare before unwrapping him from my waist making him chuckle. I stomped off towards the daycare Moon keeping up in effortless in pace with me annoying me even further with his sly smirk.

"I don't know what you're planning but whatever it is I don't like it already." I said with a huff plopping down into my rolling chair.

"Pouting just makes you look even cuter. " Moon cooed, grabbing my chin between his hands, locking his eyes with mine. His smirk morphed into a soft smile before he lent down placing a gentle kiss onto my lips.


I stared up at Moon wide eyed, my thoughts running a million miles per hour, my breath caught in my dry throat, heart thudding against my chest. This was it we were caught no way out of it. I was going to be fired and who knows what would happen with Moon. I watched almost as though it were slow motioned as his head snapped to the side.

"Lilith," Moon gave a breathy chuckle, his shoulder relaxing, I finally let out a heavy breath of relief before turning to her. "Good morning."

Her steely eyes narrowed back and forth between us, her lips pulled tightly into a thin line and brows pulled down.

"Good Morning Moon." she replied, the silence felt thick around us as our eyes locked in a tense stare down.

"Uh.. Y/N this is Lilith the new party room attendee, Lilith this is Y/N." Moon let out a nervous cough, his hand scratching the nap of his neck nervously, his eyes meeting mine filled with uncertainty.

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