Chapter 5 Totem Pokemon

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No one's POV

It's currently the morning and while Nhazul, Ash and the Pokémon are eating breakfast, Ash spoke up about the Island Trials.

Kukui: Z Crystals, huh?

Ash: I want to become much, much stronger and battle Tapu Koko again!

Nhazul; I've actually been meaning to ask this too. I'm ready to get started with the Trials as well.

Kukui: Hmm?

Ash: I want to try using Z Moves again.

Nhazul: You already have?

Ash: Yeah, against Tapu Koko!

Kukui: You both seem fired up as a Blast Burn, aren't you?

Nhazul: Are the Trials the only way to get Z Crystals?

Kukui: There are several ways to get Z Crystals, but the best way of to go to the Island Trials and pass the Grand Trial issued by the Island Kahunas.

Ash: And how can we pass those?

Rotom Dex: Leave this to me! "Grand Trials" are Pokémon battles against the Island Kahunas. If you win in those battles, you will be acknowledged as having passed.

Ash: Oh! That sounds like fun!

Kukui: "Fun"? You understand you'd be battling Island Kahunas, right Underestimating them will cost you dearly.

Nhazul: If they're four Islands, then there's four Island Kahunas then. Sounds like this region's version of the Elite 4.

Kukui: Not only that, but-

Rotom Dex: According to my data, it seems the only ones who can attempt Grand Trials are those who pass the earlier Trials they're given.

Ash: Trials and Grand Trials, huh?

Kukui: Either way, one of these days, I guess we should go see Hala, the Island Kahuna of Melemele Island.

Nhazul: I'm down.

Ash: Yeah!


After leaving the house, Nhazul, Ash and Kukui all left to go see Hala, but they were met by an incident on the road.

Ash: What's that?

Nhazul: What's going on?

Rotom Dex: It's the scene of an accident.

The three of them looked over and saw Officer Jenny giving instructions to people.

Officer Jenny: Everyone, this road will be closed to the traffic until the lumber is removed! Please take a detour down some other road.

Kukui: What's going on, Officer Jenny?

Officer Jenny: Professor Kukui? A pack of wild Rattata and Raticate were laying waste to a field. And they ran straight into the road as they were escaping, causing this to happen.

Ash: Rattata and Raticate did that?

Nhazul: That's a lot of damage for just Rattata and Raticate...

Officer Jenny then looked over, noticing Nhazul and Ash.

Officer Jenny: Are you both students at the Pokemon school?

Ash: Yeah. My name is Ash. And this is my partner, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika!

Nhazul: I'm Nhazul and this is Eevee.

Eevee: Vee!

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