Chapter 6 Grand Trial

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No one's POV

It's currently the morning, and while Ash was eating his breakfast with Kukui, Nhazul was making food for Eevee, Pikachu and Rockruff, as all three of them crowded around his legs.

Nhazul: Come on, will you three calm down? Ow..! Rockruff, that hurts...!

Nhazul sits there food down, as they Al quickly started eating, when Nhazul walked over to his seat, as Kukui was reading the paper.

Kukui: Hey! Yesterday's events got into the paper!

Rotom Dex: Let me see. "The work done by the young Nhazul and Ash, who showed up together with Island Kahuna Hala, was a sight to be hold. Receiving assistance from Totem Pokemon Gumshoos and his companions, whom they fought against in a Trial. They successfully drove out the Rattata and Raticate that had recently been making a mess everywhere in town. It was me mentioned that the two of them will be given a letter of thanks from Officer Jenny. "

Ash: Alright!

Suddenly everyone heard the doorbell and Nhazul went to open it and saw Officer Jenny and Gumshoos.

Nhazul: Speak of the Devil.

Officer Jenny: Alola, Nhazul!

Ash and Kukui both walked out as well, both seeing Gumshoos.

Ash: Gumshoos?

Kukui: Oh, huh... Officer Jenny, when did you make a new friend?

Officer Jenny: Thanks to you guys, I was able to find an excellent partner. You have my gratitude!

Gumshoos: Gumshoos!

Nhazul: That so?

Ash: I'm happy for you, Gumshoos!

Rotom Dex: Gumshoos is a tenacious and patient Stakeout Pokémon. It has a 99.7% compatibility with Officer Jenny!

Officer Jenny: Nhazul, Ash. You're both finally be challenging the Grand Trial today, right?

Nhazul: That's the plan.

Officer Jenny: Do you want me to take you both in my car?

Ash: Alright!

Nhazul: That be much appreciated. Thanks.

Kukui: Did you come all the way here just for that?

Officer Jenny: Oh, I forgot! I have the letters of thanks for Nhazul and Ash! On behalf of Melemele island, I present you both with the symbol of gratitude for your actions.

Officer Jenny handed Nhazul and Ash their letters.

Nhazul: Thank you.

Ash: Thank you so much!


After arriving back at Hala's hut, Nhazul, Ash and Hala all went to the alter to pray before their battles.

Hala: Today, I will conduct two Grand Trial battles against Challengers Nhazul and Ash. O Guardian Deity of conflict, Tapo Koko. Kindly bestow upon us the powers of the Islands of Alola...

Ash: Tapu Koko, please watch the Grand Trial battle between us and Hala closely.

Nhazul: ...

Upon finishing praying, Ash began to get jittery from kneeling for so long.

Hala: Haha! We are done now.

Ash: Um... Did Tapo Koko hear our words?

Hala: They might have heard them, and they might have not. After all, if one was a fickle God, then two will be twice as Fickle.

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