Ch.16: The Samples.

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703 maintains his eyes on her as the young doctor keep checking every data that the director’s computer could offer. She wanted to make sure that she got everything covered to go down the medic wing.

Taking a deep breath, she stands up from the chair and looks at 703.

“The information isn’t complete but the little that we have it should be enough, they call it a parasite, once you get in direct contact with the fungus, it gets inside of your head while you are still alive and conscious then starts taking over the brain rotting you from the inside out until you are nothing but a pile of fungus…” she looks at the fungus growing in the corner of the office “Please avoid getting in contact with it until we know how to resolve this” she places her suitcase on the desk opening it and taking a couple of bags from it “Please, give me your hands”

704 extends his hands towards her without a second thought. Opening one of the bags, she takes a couple of black gloves and puts it on his hands.

“These are surgical gloves, they are truly resistant and nothing pointy nor a blade can cut them”

“So they make you immune to knives…”

“Not really, the blade can still cut you but it won’t tear the glove”

“You can use your hands to fight…” she takes a little syringe and injects him “Now, with the Anti-I8 it should reduce the chances of an infection” she takes out the syringe and puts it back on the suitcase closing it “Are you ready?” she puts gloves on her hands.

“I am… how about you? Why do you want to do this so badly?”

“…If I don’t find a way to fight off the new variant, they would bomb C-City… it’s the procedure if a variant it’s highly threatening” she looks at his eyes “I can’t let that happen…” she walks towards the door holding the handle “On our way to towards the medic wing, we will go through the left hall… there is an emergency room filled with supplies in case of a disaster, I’m sure that it’ll be almost empty but it wouldn’t hurt us to check it out”

703 nods and walks towards her placing a hand on her waist.

“Let me exit first… just to make sure that they aren’t around…”

“Okay…” she mutters.

703 opens the door and exits the office looking around the hall.

“Let’s go…”

(Y/n) exits the office and walks behind the experiment as they made their way towards the emergency room. They couldn’t help but look at the fungus laying on the ground, some of them had human shape.

Entering into the emergency room, (Y/n) uses her flashlight to illuminate the room.

“We can grab the axe and a fire extinguisher”

“I understand the axe… but the fire extinguisher”

“Oh, we don’t know how to fight back the fungus or the infected just yet but we can avoid getting in direct contact with it by using the liquid nitrogen inside the fire extinguisher to freeze the fungus that gets in our way and break it up or push it away with the axe…”

“Didn’t you just say that the infected were conscious?”

“…I know… but we can’t save them” she looks at him with a serious look on her eyes “If they attack us, we will have no other option but to fight back” she walks towards the axe but 703 stops her.

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