Seducing my boyfriend (Gone Wrong)

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*Mew and Gulf are a YouTube couple and Gulf wanted to do a little show and see how far he can push Mew to insanity.

Gulf explained to his viewers his plans of seducing Mew-in a pre-recorded video that is. He showed them the revealing outfit he would wear, really short shorts and a white cropped shirt. This is supposedly going to be his night wear, as opposed to the multiple layers he wears each night because he easily gets cold.

As he came out the bathroom he gave a little twirl infront of the camera, after warning the audience to not get too excited as they couldn't touch-only look.

Setting up the camera(s) nicely in the room and dinning room, he texted Mew to hurry up with their takeout.

He could have cooked, but this was his only way to get Mew out the house.

"I'm home." The voice was clear enough that Gulf could hear it from the room, taking one last glance at himself he exited.

"Finallyy, I was getting impatient."

Gulf noticed the moment Mews' stopped moving and he gave a once over at his clothes. "Babe aren't you going to be cold just wearing that?"

"No I felt a bit hot tonight so I ended up in this."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" he reached out for the bags in Mews hand and let his fingers smoothly glide across the back of the other male's hand. "I'll take this. Go get changed."

As he finished setting up the last plate switch, Mew came out the room dressed in long white sleeves and loose dark grey sweats.

Damn. It seems as though Mew was the one attempting to do the seducing instead.

Subconsciously licking his lips, which attracted Mew's attention, Gulf averted his gaze away from his lover and sat down while urging Mew to sit besides him.

As they ate Gulf did subtle flirting, which Mew thought he was imagining as Gulf seemed unfazed.

It went from feeding Mew food, to gripping lightly unto the other's thighs as he reached for something not far across the table.

Sticking his ass further up than he should as he stood up to transfer plates around, and subtly brushing it across Mews arms.

Mew no longer wanted to play oblivious so he would grab Gulfs ass whenever he felt tempted-and he always felt tempted when it came to Gulf.

Gulf, liking the attention Mew was reciprocating 'accidentally' dropped his spoon. When reaching to pick it up his hands once again 'accidentally' slipped on Mew's clothed crotch giving it a light squeeze before quickly removing it and pretending it to be a mistake. "Sorry I meant to reach for your thighs as support."

Mew still obvlious as to why Gulf was behaving this way, didn't intend to brush it off.

Grabbing Gulf by the wrist he pulled him off to their bedroom, "Wait. Where are we going."

"To bed," Mew stated as he hurriedly pulled Gulf along, "B-but the food."

"Shut it, if you really cared about the food you wouldn't have behaved in such a way at the table."

Getting in their room, Mew was quick in locking the door and pinning Gulf against it. "You like to tease huh?" Saying this he strongly placed his lips unto Gulfs and accessed the suprised guys awaiting tounge.

With one of his hands pinning Gulfs above his head, the other hands hooked Gulfs legs around his waist then sensually went up and squeezed his ass.

"I have a feeling you're doing all of this on purpose. You would never wear this short type of clothes in the house if you didn't have another motive, am I right?"

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