28. Fuck you, Brennan

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Baylor POV

Once Ashlor gets in the car I turn back towards Drew.

"I came running in here like this because last time we spoke you told me you were going to try to get my daughter taken from me!" His eyes move to the floor and he runs his fingers through his hair.

"I know. I'm sorry. I was just hurt. And I heard about what happened so I came to check on you and Ty told me what was going on. I know how close you guys were so I thought you might want him there." The anger inside me dissipates slightly as he sits down on the couch and I walk over and sit beside him.

"You could have talked to me instead of having me run out of my mom's funeral."

"That wasn't my intention. I'm sorry. I just know how horrible I've been lately and I was trying to make up for some of it. I haven't had a drink since you kicked me out." He lays his hand over mine and looks me in the eyes. He looks tired and older at the same time.

"It's a little late for that," I say and pull my hands away.

"Don't say that. It's never too late. We can always make things work. I love Mia like she's my own. I can't lose you both." He places his hand on my cheek and turns me towards him. I use to think that was cute, now I flinch at the touch of his hand. His eyes turn to grief and he moves his hand.

"I'm so sorry I ever put my hands on you. That was the most disgusting thing I've done and ill never forgive myself for that."

"It's too late Drew. I can't even have you touch me without flinching. Don't you see the problem here? The damage is done and you can't fix that."

"Did you ever even love me? Or was I just a placeholder for him." I look up at him and he stares back at me waiting for my response.

"I loved you until you stopped caring for me. Now get out." I say now pissed off. He stares at me for a moment before getting up.

"When did I stop caring?"

"The moment you laid your hands on me and started tearing up my home." This quiets him and he leaves.

A tear slips down my face and I wipe it away. He's lucky my momma didn't know about the abuse or he'd have a new home.

Underground with her.


"Mommy can daddy and I go to the park?" Ashlor asks as she walks in my room. I wipe away my tears and smile.

"Of course baby. Go have fun."

"Yay! Thank you mommy!" She yells and runs back out to the living room. A few minutes later my bedroom door swings open.

"Hey bitch. I brought some stuff so scoot your ass over and get ready to bust that figure." Ty says as he brings in three grocery bags. He sits them down on my nightstand and then walks back out and reemerges a moment later with a bed tray. He puts the tray in the middle of the bed and then begins unpacking the grocery bags. He pulls out three tubs of ice cream, some chocolate, popcorn, and brownies. He then pulls out two cups and a bottle of vodka along with four movies. White chicks, step brother's, bridesmaids, and 21 jump street. A small smile tugs on my lips as he pours us a drink then hands me a spoon as he takes off the lid to the ice cream.

"I'll go pop some corn bitch, pick a movie." I giggle and throw step brothers at him and he puts it in before going to make some popcorn.


"You guys are having a figure buster without me?" Leah asks as she walks in my room. I look at her and then back to the screen. I'm still mad at her.

"Come on and join the party slut." Ty says and she looks at me.  She shakes her head at him and tries to smile.

"That's okay I'll leave y'all to it." she goes to close the door but I roll my eyes.

"Get your ass over here." She looks at me and smiles and runs and jumps on the bed.

"I'm sorry. I love you Hoe." she says and reaches for a hug and I give her one.

"Want some vodka?" Ty asks as he grabs another cup and Leah raises an eyebrow at him.

"You know I'm pregnant right?" Ty gasps and clutches his heart.

"You bitches don't tell me anything anymore. When did this happen you're so tiny?"

"About three months ago. The day before Cam left for deployment, we went at it." she smirks and I gag and she looks at me with a guilty grin.

"Right, sorry." They laugh and I roll my eyes with a small smile.

"Well, it's about time you guys make me an Auntie." She smiles wildly and then she begins to tear up.

"I'm so happy we're all here again. It's like old times. I've missed us." A tear slips down her cheek and ty pushes her off the bed.

"No mushy shit. FUCK you're pregnant!! Is the baby okay?!" She groans and sits up and gives Ty a death glare and I start busting out laughing at his drunk ass.

"How about am I okay?"

"I don't care about you, just my little guy in there."

"Your little guy?"

"Yea I think it's a boy he's going to be my best friend."

"Oh no you will not be allowed to babysit unsupervised."

"Hurtful." He says clutching his heart again and puts his foot up to kick her off the bed again.

"Pregnant!" I shout and he puts his foot down as he grabs his vodka.

"Right. Fuck. Fine I'll take a shot for you jeesh stop peer pressuring me." Ty says as he grabs the bottle and takes a shot and I laugh. God I've missed him so much. I lean over and give him a hug he raises his arms with the bottle still in his hand as he looks down at me then he rolls his eyes and hugs me back as Leah's mouth drops.

"I get kicked off the bed and she gets a hug?"

"She gets a pass today shut up." I can't help but to bust out laughing again but it soon turns into a cry and they both go silent. Ty slowly takes another drink of the vodka before timidly passing it to me and I laugh again. I sound crazy.

"I'm sorry." I say and Ty sits straight up and shouts imitating Brennan's voice,

"Hey! There's no fucking apologies in this house! This is a house of god!" Me and Leah bust out laughing and he snatches the bottle out of my hand.

"Shut up Brennan. I'll rub my nuts on your drum set." I say and snatch the bottle back.

"You don't have a drum set, Fucker!" He shouts back and takes the bottle and I die of laughter. God I love him. He's definitely drunk.


A/N; Hey guys hope you liked this chapter! Sorry it's kinda short but hope you enjoyed this moment with Ty Leah and Bay.

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