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You leaned against the wall almost dosing off.

You'd just been thinking.
About Caide, Vice, Lance and Lila.

"Who killed her?" you uttered to yourself as you pushed your knees to your chest.
"Yes Vice carries a knife but Lila's body was found outside the school in the woods, his beads broke he wouldn't be able to leave.."

Where was Caide and Damon?

"Lance is a teacher and a model.. I'm sure he would have ate her body if he did kill her. Where was Caide? Wasn't he with me? Actually how long was Lila dead.. how long had she been pretending to be alive?"

You sighed as another bell rung.

Schools over finally..

You stood up and pushed the door.



You pushed and pulled at the door but it wouldn't budge.
You started banging hoping someone would hear but no one came.
"Fuck.." you started to tear up as you looked around the room.

Someone had locked the door.
But how would they had known?

Your eyes darted for an exit and there was a vent high on the wall.
Hoping you would fit, you climbed on top of the boiler pipes and pulled at the rusted vent.

It broke with a snap and you hoisted yourself inside the dusty thing.

I hope no spiders get in my hair..

You crawled through it as steadily as you could.
You saw light up ahead and broke the next vent.
You fell through it with a crash as you fell on the school floor. You looked down the hall and saw a boy right in front of the closet you were in.

"What the hell?!" You yelled and his head darted at you nervously.

It was the same boy who helped you before!

"Why'd you lock me inside?!"
"B-Because you're starting to much trouble!! Things were fine until you came! Vice is gonna end up badly hurt if you keep sticking up to Kian and his group!" he yelled back and you rolled your eyes.
"What's with this generation really? Don't act like you care! I'm doing more than your lousy ass ever will!"

After spouting those words to him you quickly ran towards the roof.
As you climbed up the stairs and swung open the door.. there was no Vice.

"Vice?" you looked around and went 
to the edge.

There was a letter.

"Vice! Change of plans.. meet me behind the school instead. Okay?" - your sweetheart."

How did he fall for this?!

"Dammit Vice.." tears fell from your eyes, "How could you fall for this? Naive bastard.."


You ran as fast you could down the stairs and through the halls. You slammed open the doors and ran around the school.
As you made it the back, you paused in horror.

"Come on Vice what's wrong? Fight back!!"

There were atleast 5 other students, including Kian and your parents, hitting Vice with sticks and bats.
His head was covered with a sack of some sort.

"Look at him, he fell on the ground!!" one kid laughed as Vice curled up and coughed up blood.
"You guys want to see something?" Kian smiled and pulled out the exact knife from earlier.

Dammit.. he got that from me.

"Woah! Where'd you get that?"

Instead of all scattering like your mother said, they looked in awe.

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