A grave issue

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It's horrible. Everything is going horrible, spiralling out of my hands and slipping away from my reach. Now all of you know that TMAHLQ is a long book, how it got so long? I don't know. Maybe I loved this a lot and just went on with the flow that the book got too long. Now the thing is, people who don't know? I have started writing another book. It is wayyyyy shorter than TMAHLQ, maybe just equal to TMAHLQ part I. That's it. It is a standalone and since the start, I kept the length low of that book to avoid it getting as great as TMAHLQ.

Now the issue that I am facing which has resulted in chronic migraines, I cant sleep at night, have constant pain in my body, can't concentrate or do anything related to the book, to the point that I even took a break. I literally took a long break before deciding to come back. Each chapter that goes onto Amazon has been edited around 7-8 times, I turned my laptop on again to go through the last round of editing and again..............I lost it. I fucking lost everything as things got out of my hand.

People...............let me tell you, I don't have much expenses to hire editors, proofreaders, assemblers and what not. I don't have money for anything. So, I write myself, like obviously, I edit 7-8 times myself, further proofread it, assemble it together, get all the work done to make it into a book, going for Amazon, getting it there and then marketing etc etc. It's all on me. Learning how to go step by step, I did it all by myself and sometimes, things slip out of my hands. Just like this.

Now, tmahlq is long as fuck. Heavily long but I can promise you that you will love it. The emotions are heavy especially after 50% of the book and it is something that you will enjoy. Now, the problem is the length. The fucking length. It is too much. And readers hate extremely long lengths, and so do I. Now there isn't a single scene which I can cut after 7 rounds of editing as all are important and all are crucially vital, related to some scene somehow. Now the issue is, the book is getting long. Extremely long and it is physically making me sick, finding myself in this situation. I feel like vomiting, have migraines and what not.

I said there will be three parts and then I jumped to four..............................I don't know how you guys will react if tmahlq gets till 5 parts after editing. I really don't know. Sometimes, I convince myself saying that even Harry Potter was 7 parts, but that was J.K Rowling, I'm a nobody. So, I need you guys to tell me. Are you guys okay with 5 parts rather than 4? The length can also be managed and everything will fall into place. Those who can't afford much, the kindle will be there for you as it would be beneficial. But one thing that I can promise you is that no matter how many parts, I had edited and wrote the book in a way that you will enjoy it. You will actually cry and laugh and curse at me to set up therapy sessions for you.

Content is my work, but I need your suggestion. What should I do now? Keep the book long or what?

Thank you.


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