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You woke up gasping for air.

Your head was spinning as it throbbed.
You sat up as you came to what was around you.

"Argh.." you let out in pain and then felt arms around you.
"Y/n!!" Caide yelled as he squeezed you tightly.

He let go and you looked into his damp eyes.
You were laying on the ground of Lances apartment with a bunch of talismans wrapped around your body.
You took one and read it.

"Wake up"

Caide wrote all of these?

"Don't take them off yet!!" he yelled as he tied more. He pulled your head against his chest, "Don't scare me like that!! God.. just listen to me sometimes.."

The front door opened and Damon came in the room with a plastic bag full of snacks and bandages.

"Ah.." you stood up and Caide told you to sit back down.

Fuck my head..

"Lance I need your help.." you told him and he paused. Tears rushed from your eyes as you tried to wipe them.
"Y/n!? What's wrong?" Caide asked but you continued talking to Lance.
"What is it?" he replied and you grabbed him for support.
"Do you remember eating a guy 17 years ago.. with white hair? Do you remember almost eating a girl in the woods and she convinced you not too?" you asked and he thought for a moment.

"Actually.. yeah I do"

Your heart sunk as you crouched down.

Vice.. he's dead because of me.

You almost sobbed but knew you had to keep it together.

How is this possible?

"Lance how.."
"I have a feeling it has to do with your cracked beads.. but I really don't know" he pointed out and you gasped.

The bead bracelet Caide gave you was cracked and so were the ones around your neck.

"Y/n what's wrong? Tell me!" Caide grabbed your arm.
"How much time do we have left? How long was I out?" you asked and Caide looked to the side.
"We have thirty minutes left.."
"Damn it!!" you yelled and then sighed as you sat on the couch.

I can't face Vice after what happened.. what will I do?

You sat covering your face.
Damon left the room, most likely looking for a solution.

"Stop crying.." Caide said standing above you.

You ignored him and turned away.
He grabbed your arm and pulled you off the couch roughly.

"Damn it Y/n! I said stop crying!" he yelled as you sniffled.
"You stop crying!!"
"I'm not crying.." he mumbled with wet eyes.
"Let go Caide!" you tried to pull away but he wouldn't let go, "I said let go!!" you yelled again with tears but he drug you to the couch.

You cried into his chest but not for him.
You still felt the dread from Vices death, how you promised to save him but ended up causing it.

"What are you doing?" you asked.
"Comforting you.." he stroked your head.
"Okay I'm comforted! You can let go now.." you told Caide and he frowned.
"I thought I had lost you.."
"We'll you're about to lose me again.." you replied with an attitude.
"I love you"

You looked at him shocked as the words uttered from his mouth.
"Caide shut up.."
"I love you Y/n!" he said again and more tears built.
"Won't you stop? Caide you're really the worst.."
He gritted his teeth, "It's always a battle with you!"

You stood up heated.
"You love me?? What are you trying to do to my head? Caide I can't do this with you!"
He took your wrist and gently pulled you on his lap. "I can't love you like this.." you mumbled as he wiped your tears.
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah.." you mumbled staring into his tense eyes.

He kissed your lips once and your stomach churned.

"Stop.. I really hate you" you looked away as he smiled.
"I'll take that as a compliment.." he kissed you more but your head was spinning.

Your body was so sore you could barely keep up the energy with him as he laid you on the couch. His kisses trailed to your neck and you gulped as you held his head.
"C-Caide.." you spoke and he replied with a hm? "It should be passed the time.."

He sat up and looked at his hands.
He was still him..?

"Caide what's going on?" You asked and he stood up quickly into the other room. You followed him and when you arrived, Damon was on the floor throwing up black and red blood.
"W-What?!" You clung to Caide and he held you back as he grabbed his weapon.

When Lance stood up straight, you watched as his body began morfing.
His hair became a lighter ash black as his eyes became hazel. His face changed to a softer jaw line and his body grew shorter. His nose became smaller and his lips had a sweet smile.

Just like Vice.

"Man I should've thought about possessing the demon the first time! I can change his body to look just like mine..~" he smiled and you fell backwards to the ground. "Y/n.. I got some new memories, quite a few of them I must add" he continued on walking closer, "You're so lovely sweetheart~"


Caide swung the staff at Vice as a warning.

"You won't win this time Vice!" he yelled and Vice smirked.
"I don't think I'll have too..~"
"Vice!" you exclaimed as you ran to him in a hug.

You began bawling your eyes out against him as he held you to his chest.

"Hey don't cry.."
"I'm sorry I couldn't save you!" you breathed and he smiled.
"The world is a confusing place.."

"Y/n what are you doing?! Get over here!!"

Choices have to be made..

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