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"Y/n what are you doing?! Get over here!!"


You held onto Vice, looking at Caide with a pout and confused expression. You began letting go but Vice took your hand.

"Don't let go, you don't have to listen to him if you don't want" he smiled and you bit your lip conflicted.
"I don't have time for this!" Caide yelled, "Y/n get out the way!!"

You were pushed to the ground by Caide as he swung the staff at Vice.
Vice grinned as he dodged and landed a right hook on Caide.
Caide knee'd him in the stomach and you watched as they both tussled to the ground.

"Stop it! Both of you!!" You yelled but they continued on.

Vice pulled out his knife and cut Caides eyebrow.

"Fuck!" He yelled and banged Vices head on the ground. Caide dug the blessed staff into Vices arm and he let out a wail of pain.

You pulled at Caide but he wouldn't budge as he kept hitting Vice in the face.

"Stop it Caide!!" You cried and suddenly Vice swung his head up and hit Caides face.
His nose began to bleed and he stood up in pain.
You got to the floor and helped him up.
"I'm okay.." he spat out as he smiled at Caide.

Caide returned his expression with a glare.

"Don't you see his manipulation?"
"What? Caide you attacked him!!" you yelled and he was taken back.
"Attacked? He possessed Lance!!"
"Lance is a demon he'll be fine!" you argued until your heard Vice wince.
"What's wrong?" you asked and he showed you his arm which was the only thing wounded.

Because of that staff..

"It's okay I'll wrap you up.." you offered.
"You're so sweet.." Vice complimented and you heard Caide scoff.

"Y/n come here now" he demanded and you ignored him, "I won't tell you again"
You stood up and faced him with anger.
"Don't tell me what to do!! You don't control me!" you yelled and Caide gritted his teeth.
"Stop being a bitch!" he shouted back, "That spirit isn't the only one who's hurt! He's not even alive! The only pain he is feeling is from the powers of this staff!"

You finally noticed the blood dripping from Caides face.

"What the.. let me see.." you began to walk closer until you felt arms wrap around you.
"Oh sweetheart.. It hurts really bad" Vice whined, "Come on let's leave"
"Leave?" you asked backing away.
"Remember? I'm only still in this realm for you. Even though what happened wasn't what originally happened, somehow you altered it" he smiled. "You really are so amazing~ You tried to save me! I was such a weak kid back then.."

Vice wrapped you closer and kissed your neck.

"I've grown now.. I forgive you~"

You stood motionless with a headache. You didn't care whether he let you go or not.
Vice didn't deserve anything he went through.
He needs someone.
Just one good person.

I'll stay for Vice.. just like he stayed for me.

"Okay.. I'll go with you Vice"
"What?!" Caide yelled and Vices face lit up.
"Really?? Sweetheart let's go right now!!" he cheered as he pulled you out the door but then there was a tug on your other hand.

Caide was gripping your hand firmly with a scary expression that made you want to drop any idea of going with Vice.

"You're not going anywhere Y/n L/n.."

He yanked you but Vice had a firm grip as well.

"She made up her mind shaman, now let her go before I make you" Vice threatened passively and Caide laughed.
"I don't care what she made up her mind on. I say otherwise!" Caide yanked you so hard, you let go of Vice and flew into his chest. "Christ! I don't even care about her opinions! She's annoying as hell and just a stubborn young little naive girl!! Her emotions are everywhere and if I could've avoided meeting her, I would!"

His harsh words contradicted his gentled rubs on the arm he just yanked.

"But I did.. and I fell in love with such an annoying girl. I don't care if she chose to go with you" he pulled you up onto his back before getting in a fighting position, "I refuse to let her go so easily! Y/n hold on!" Caide yelled and you gripped his shirt as you hid your face.

Caide charged at Vice with the staff in his hand and Vice snapped.


Everything made of glass around you broke. You fell off Caides back and he pulled you into his chest as he covered you from the debri.

"You dumb.. fucking worthless shaman" Vice insulted ruthlessly as he looked at the ground with anger. "She said she'd come with me, right sweetheart?"
"Vice.. I don't.."
"RIGHT?!" he shouted and you jumped at his aggression.

Vice was beginning to change.
His hazel eyes were fading into a pale red.

His sweet smile remained no longer as his look became crazed. He walked closer and Caide wrapped his arms around you with the staff pointing at Vice.
You felt safe as Caide stood without flinching at the spirits attacks.

"Y-You've got to be joking.." Vice let out a laugh as tears fell from his eyes, "Seriously? You go back and alter MY memories! You started this by visiting the school in the first place.. and you're gonna leave me?"
He sounded a bit broken and your heart sunk.
"Don't listen to him.. he's trying to manipulate you.." Caide assured you and the TV exploded beside you.
"Manipulate?! Sweetheart you witnessed what I went through!! I was kind!! I was nice to everyone!! I took every ounce of bullying and pain that the world threw at me with hope it would get better!!!" he began to get angrier and angrier.

"Let go of me Caide.." you told him but he wouldn't.

"What do I get for being a decent human being? KILLED!? I get MURDERED!! And what else do I get? A 17 year prison sentence in the afterlife. Stuck in an abandoned school!!" he cried and the energy around him began to change.

You pushed Caide away but he grabbed your wrist.

"Caide let go of me!!" You yelled as tears streamed down your face, "Vice needs me! I understand why he's like this!"
"I don't care.. I won't let you sacrifice your own happiness because of him!"
"Do I not make you happy Y/n?" Vice frowned with a hurt look, "What have I done.. what did I do to deserve this? I DID A FEW BAD THINGS!! What did I do to deserve to fall in love with you?"

Vices skin was turning jet black and the aura he was giving off was cracking everything around him.

What did you want??
You wanted Vice to be okay!
Who did you love??

You slapped Caide across the face and he finally let you go.
You ran to Vice but was blown back by a gust of wind.

"Stop Vice! You're going to turn into a demon if you keep getting worked up!" You yelled but he was motionless.

"If I can't have you alive.. then I'll take you dead.."

To be continued

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