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 Taymor's PoveLong Beach, California Same day, Monday After school

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Taymor's Pove
Long Beach, California
Same day, Monday
After school


"Why you carrying him" Kentrell asked Dayvon, who was holding Taymor as they walked to the car.

"Kinda fucked his shit up in the closet we used to fuck in" Dayvon shrugged, unlocking the car doors, placing Taymor in the back.

"That nigga act like a big baby when he get some dick" Kentrell chuckled, which made Taymor eyes shoot open.

"Who you calling a baby" Taymor tried to sit up but only hissed in pain.

"Oh he fucked you up" Kentrell laughed, buckling his seatbelt.

"Stop talking to me" Taymor pouted, trying not to make any movements.

"Give me some sugar I miss you" Kentrell said knowing Taymor couldn't get up.

"Stop playin with me for I beat yo ass" Taymor spat.

"Chill ma, but I really want some sugar" Kentrell took off his seatbelt, hopping in the back seat.

Kentrell grabbed Taymor's face, kissing all over his face and cheeks, while Taymor couldn't hold back his laughs and giggles.

"Let me do you" Taymor giggled, wrapping his arms around Kentrell's neck.

Kentrell stopped his actions causing Taymor to kiss all over his face, leaving wet marks behind as he did so.

Kentrell grabbed Taymor's face, pulling him into a deep kiss, which took the small boy by surprise.

Taymor deepen the kiss, adding in his tongue and spit, making the kiss sloppy.

Kentrell pulled away smiling, "You nasty Ma" He said, grabbing Taymor's neck.

"Stop tryna fuck and put y'all's seatbelts on" Dayvon mumbled, wanting to go home.


"Sing it with me" Taymor said as 'Cold December' played on the speaker.

"Safe to say I been this way 18 same night I fall in love I feel fading" Taymor and Kentrell sung, bobbing they head to the music.

"Who can you love? Who can you trust? Now that your mainstream" Kentrell sang, pointing to Taymor for the next part.

"Don't want no love, Don't got no trust, I feel me changing" Taymor screamed loudly.

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