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"If I can't have you alive.. then I'll take you dead.."


"It's not fair.." he began to mumble and you looked back at Caide.
He was gripping his staff with sweaty palms and blood dripping from his head.

Vice was becoming more and more aggressive as his vent went on.
Caide was just waiting for his attack.

"It's not fair.. I had her first, she's mine.. It's not fair. It's not fair!!" Vice began repeating over and over. Tears fell from his eyes and you came closer.
"V-Vice stop.."
"Stop what?! Ha! I'm not doing anything wrong?! I never do anything wrong!!"

His hand morfed into a black tentacle as he grabbed and slung the broken TV at the wall.
You ducked and the tentacle grazed your thigh.

"I'll give you one more chance.. both of you" Vice said with a twitchy eye, "Y/n.. my love, come with me. I can make you happy, let's leave this place. I may not be perfect but please.. I just want you. I need you..
All this suffering I've been through and I just want you!! I'll do anything just to have you! I don't care if I have to share anymore, I understand I can't have you to myself but please.. I love you.."
Vice fell to his knees, "I feel alive with you.."

You wrapped him in a hug and he clung to you tightly.
His body shook lightly, as if he trying to hide it, while he desperately waited for your answer.

You wanted to free him from his pain.
You understood him.. truly you did.
The depth of him as a being.. why he acted the way did.
Why he's so desperate now..

"Please.." he whispered and your heart ached as you bit your quivering lip.

You loved him.
You wanted to protect him. You knew you'd do anything for the kind boy.
You would've killed Kian if you had the ability to do so..

You would choose Vice.
You would show him the love he deserves.


"Vice.. you're dead"

You released him from the hug and stood up after telling him the truth.
He was frozen in place.

The chaotic aura around him dropped.
It was chilling as the aggressive, murderous intent disappeared.

It turned into a different feeling.

"I see.." Vice let out calmly with a smile as he stood up,"Then I'll really have to kill you for us to be together.."

"Y/N RUN NOW!!!" Caide pushed you to the ground as Vice tried to impale you with the demonic tentacle.

Caide stabbed him with the staff and Vice slammed him against the wall.
You quickly ran out the door and down the stairs.

Vice began to start a chase but when you looked back, Caide was holding him off with the staff around his neck.

You nodded and ran down the metal stairs until you made it to the parking lot ground.



You looked back up to the sound of fighting. Caide suddenly flew against the protective railing.
It snapped and he began to roll down as he fell.

You quickly ran to the spot and gripped his forearm as you broke his fall.
He landed ontop of you and you winced as you tried to get up.

"Come on!!"

Caide grabbed your arm and you both began making a run for the street.
You heard distorted running behind you.


Caide grabbed your chin and continued running.

"Don't look back.. he's chasing like one of those demons.."

It was horrifying just imaging what Vice was doing now that he had Lances abilities as a demon.


You were almost hit by a car but Caide planted his hand on the hood firmly.
"What the?! Get the fuck out the road!!" the old man yelled and Caide put the staff to his throat.
"Get out the car or die"

The man quickly got out the car with his hands up and you could hear Vice closing ground.

"Get in"

You did as told and Caide pulled off before you could put a seatbelt on.

"Caide are you okay?" You reached for his cheek and he didn't move as you looked at the freshly made wound.
"I'm fine.."

Caide sped through the streets. It's a wonder you didn't get pulled over as he drove to the temple.
He pulled up with a drift and you both got out the car.

"STOP!!" you heard a yell and fast movement behind you.

Caide grabbed your hand and you both practically leaped inside the temple doors.
You both fell to the ground out of breath and exhausted.

"He.. he can't come in here.." Caide huffed and then got up slowly.
He went to the drawer and pulled out yet another talisman.

The ones that were originally tied on you all fell off.
Caide pulled out his red brush and wrote something down.


He tied it around your bracelet Vice gave you.

"It should remain the way it is without tightening now.." Caide sighed and a brick suddenly came through the window.

"Y/n get out here please!!" you could hear Vice yelling as he threw objects in through the window.

Caide took your hand gently and brought you into the bathroom.

"Ouch.." you groaned as you applied pressure to your ankle.

Caide noticed and sat you on the toilet with a sigh. He rested his hands on the sink. Blood continued to drip from his sweaty head and he sounded like he was in pain.
"Yes?" he replied calmly and you gulped.
"What's wrong?"
"What do you think is wrong Y/n?!" he quickly snapped back until he looked at the wounds you also had, "Fuck.. I'm just.. upset you slapped me"

You were a bit surprised to hear Caide admit his feelings twice in a day.

"Well I saved you from busting your head open when I broke your fall.." you smiled and he rolled his eyes.
"That must've been when you hurt your ankle.."

Caide began digging underneath the counter until he pulled out a bandage.
He took off your shoe and slowly wrapped up your swollen foot.

"So you love me huh~?" you teased and he rolled his eyes.
"Shut up"

Caide was not messing around this chapter lmfaoo, neither was Vice.

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